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What Next Route Will Prince William and Prince Harry Relation Will Take? After William Statement. Get Updated.

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Since Prince William and Prince Harry’s estrangement, there has been much speculation about the rift between the brothers. In a recent interview, William opened up about his relationship with Harry, saying that he “cannot completely forgive him” for his recent choices.

William went on to say that while he understands Harry’s need for space, he doesn’t agree with the way he has gone about it. He also said that he hopes time will heal the wounds between them, but that he isn’t sure if things will ever be the same between them again. However, it also appears that they are both committed to working through their differences and rebuilding their relationship.

William was reportedly not happy with how quickly the relationship progressed, and he was also said to be worried about Meghan’s background and her family. William was said to be “devastated” and “heartbroken” by the decision, and the brothers have barely spoken since.

Now, a new report claims that William has not forgiven Harry for what he has done. “William is still struggling to forgive Harry,” an insider told Us Weekly. “He feels like he’s been betrayed.”The source added that William is “hurt” by Harry’s decision to step away from the royal family, and he doesn’t think it was the right thing to do.

“He thinks Harry has completely misunderstood what being part of the royal family is all about,” the source said. It seems like there is still a lot of tension between the brothers, and it doesn’t seem like things will be getting better anytime soon.

William has forgiven Harry for a lot, but there are still some things that he can’t seem to get past. The most recent rift between the brothers was caused by Harry’s decision to step away from the royal family. William is reportedly still hurt by this and doesn’t think that Harry is truly sorry for what he did.

One of the biggest was when Harry decided to marry Meghan Markle without consulting William first. This led to a lot of tension between the brothers, but they eventually worked things out. The latest disagreement between William and Harry is over Harry’s decision to step back from his role as a senior royal.

Harry has said that he wants to lead a more private life, but William is reportedly hurt by this decision. He feels like Harry is not truly sorry for his actions of betraying the family.

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