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Here’s a Guide on How to View the Likes on Your Spotify Playlists.

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Your first few musical supporters would probably be members of your family, friends, and close relationships, followed by coworkers and strangers. You should at the very least be aware of who is responding favorably to your Spotify playlist, even if you shouldn’t feel entitled to anyone’s assistance. In this essay, I’ll explain how to identify who is on your side and who is not.

The new approach to discovering who enjoyed your Spotify playlist

When you’re still new to the game, you don’t need the world to have your back. You may develop as an artist by cultivating strong relationships with your first 100 Spotify listeners. Your true music fans, as opposed to those on social media, are those that subscribe to you on Spotify and like your songs there. In a subsequent tutorial, we’ll muse about ways to improve your internet profile. But let’s concentrate on how to thank your initial few backers for the time being.

To see the full count of likes

  1. Tap or click on the symbol for your profile in your library.
  2. Select “see profile” and then “playlists”
  3. Click playlist.
  4. Look at the total number of likes for each playlist.

People that enjoy your playlist are obviously drawn to your sound. The majority of the time, your most active social media followers wouldn’t mind following your playlist.

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You should check to see whether they genuinely enjoy your playlist or followed you on Spotify after promoting your playlist to them via your DM or comment area. You may go up to their profile on Spotify and see if your playlist is on their list of favorites to take out the guessing. Making a playlist just for their birthday or one based on their zodiac sign is another meticulous strategy to persuade them to enjoy your selection. Every year, you can always change their birthday playlist.

We do not advise cramming your playlist with solely tracks that you own. It’s best to highlight musicians whose musical tastes align with your own so that you may include them on their playlist in exchange for a place on yours. By doing this, you are adding cross-playlisting, well-considered strategies that might encourage listeners to remain and listen to your playlist for longer. Both you and the participating artists benefit from it.

Know who enjoyed your playlist

1. Visit their playlist for public use.
2. In their list of public playlists, you will see their preferred playlists.
3. View their playlist in full by visiting their profile. You will be shown your favorite playlists, but if they enjoy many different playlists, yours may not be among those presented as Spotify only shows a few playlists for each user (not all).

This strategy is not perfect since not all of the playlists people have liked in the past are shown on their accounts. Additionally, using this strategy is really simple if you have more than 500 likes. It works well for users with fewer than 100 likes.

Be careful of applications and persons that ask for money in exchange for revealing the identity of your Spotify playlist’s listeners. Such a function is unavailable on Spotify.

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