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How Mayan & George Healed Their Father-daughter Relationship Over the Years

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Though it also has roots in a breakthrough Latino show from the early 2000s, the first TV series based on TikTok is now airing.

After the conclusion of his self-titled ABC series

Finally, after 15 years ago, George Lopez will return to broadcast network comedy with the premiere of NBC’s “Lopez vs. Lopez” on November 4. He is sharing the soundstage this time around with his daughter, Mayan Lopez. In a dramatized account of their experience, they play a father and a daughter trying to mend their relationship.

Because of his infidelity and eventual separation from her mother, Mayan and George hadn’t spoken frequently for almost ten years. However, when the pandemic struck, their concern for George, who has immunocompromised, brought the family back together unexpectedly. Mayan couldn’t help but share the experience on social media.


They later kept on with the act of a married couple. His hair was still being fixed by my mother,” claims Mayan. We received 60 million views overnight when I posted a video on TikTok at random. “Huh, I do have something here, laying out my dirty laundry just for entertainment,” I thought.

She was twerking while discussing the naughty aspects of her parent’s divorce! Recalls showrunner Debby Wolfe, who came across Mayan’s posts during a 3 a.m. stroll. I knew that this is a perfect tv show, straight away. Unafraid to criticize her boomer father for poor parenting, this Latina from Generation Z. is “Rough and funny.”

This is what initially drew Wolfe to the subject matter: “As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to forgive him. Wolfe is also a young Latina with self-described “daddy issues.” Accepting that your parents have a past as well is a concept that runs across the entire series. They are doing their very best despite having experienced trauma as well.

The father-daughter team was pitched on a nostalgic Multicam after Wolfe won the approval of Bruce Helford, her boss on The Conners and co-creator of George’s first program. George didn’t need much persuading because he was already starting to feel at ease with the public knowing the most intimate details of his personal life.

George on Mayan’s Tiktok

Mayan’s TikTok is out of my hands, but I wouldn’t tell her what to do anyhow,” George chuckles. “I was golfing with Anthony Anderson once when he asked, ‘Did you watch Mayan’s TikTok? I replied, “Yeah, I did.” He later asked”What did you think? I said, “I’m at a loss for words! We merely carried on going after he said, “Word.” Word, indeed.

However, George has the opportunity to contribute to the narrative in Lopez.

I don’t even know if I’ve told Mayan this, but you know when you watch a show and the calendar goes by? I’m looking at Mayan down the hallway at NBC.

I see Mayan numerous times in a day: as a little kid in her first grade, as an adolescent kid when I used to be addicted to drug use, he says. Months and years kept going and the only I see is Mayan’s face so many times a day: as a young child in first grade, as a teen when I used to drive her to school and back, and when she received braces. And despite all of our life’s hardships, I can still see her face. He said, “And then we arrived where we are. “

He says, “I see someone who has benefited from counseling and has grown up,” he claims.. She was ready to cope with me daily and repeat our lives in those scripts. She did it so beautifully, and I admire her for it.

Mayan watched her father work on the “George Lopez” set as a child. She had a lifelong desire to accomplish it, says Wolfe. It appears like working on a network comedy set would be the only place where they could reconcile. They occasionally don’t follow the script when we are filming a scene. They exchange words with one another.

Role-play therapy is how Mayan characterizes the project:

I haven’t celebrated Christmas with my dad in ten years even though we recently filmed a Christmas episode. My character made me envious. However, on the plus side, my mom attended that taping, and we all had a wonderful family discussion,” she recalls, thinking of the possibility of spending a real holiday together. I want this to be published because maybe this year will be the year! ”

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