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Know About Euphoria Season 3: Release Date Confirmed Or Not? Plot, Storyline And More

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We wanted more of the thrilling TV drama Euphoria when its second season ended in early 2022. We are enthralled by Euphoria High’s turbulent environment as Zendaya leads a group of dysfunctional, disruptive students through the highs and lows of adolescence.

We have been taken on a never-ending, tense-filled journey throughout the last two seasons of Euphoria, which has included Rue’s ongoing drug addiction battle, Jules’ turbulent gender transitioning journey, Fez and Ashtray’s run-in with the law, and the amazing love triangle between Nate, Maddy, and Cassie. And that doesn’t even take into consideration Lexi’s superb performance!

When will Euphoria season 3 be released? There will surely be a ton more turmoil for our favorite young criminals in the future.

Season 3 of Euphoria’s plot

However, if Rue’s narration is any indication—she mentions “keeping clean for the remainder of the school year”—we can expect a time leap between the end of season 2 and when season 3 starts up. Once more, we haven’t gotten any concrete explanations as to what to expect from Euphoria season 3.

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That appears to be accurate based on Zendaya’s comments in an interview she gave with The Hollywood Reporter. I think it will be interesting to explore people’s characteristics after high school. I’m curious to watch Rue’s sober journey and how bizarre it may be.

We want to know what the hell happened to Fez first and foremost. The last time we saw the charming drug dealer, he was hiding from Ashtray and the SWAT team by sleeping in his hallway. As a result of his unreasonable rage, Ashtray is unquestionably dead, but Fez is almost probably going to prison because he admitted guilt in Ashtray’s murder of Custer.

We can be sure he will serve time in prison since Cal Jacobs’ son Nate reported him to the police for his years of sexual misbehavior. But what is Nate doing?

Release Date for Season 3 of Euphoria

We can only speculate that Euphoria season 3 won’t touch our screens until early 2024, most likely in January, based on the timeframe of the previous seasons because we don’t yet know the precise release date.

The official Euphoria Twitter account confirmed that season 3 has been approved, but there has been no official word on when we can expect to see the show return to our screens or any sign that production has started.

If we go back, season 1 premiered in August 2019, and season 2 didn’t come out until January 2022. Naturally, at that time we did get a few special episodes, and a global pandemic delayed production.

If we had to predict based on existing knowledge, Euphoria season 3 won’t be available until 2024. While Casey Bloys, Chief Content Officer at HBO, says that’s not the present plan, we had thought Sam Levinson would treat us to a few more special episodes in the interim.

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