Some Quick Facts About Felix Mallard And Much More

Harry Styles hand-picked Australian actor Felix Mallard to play him in a TV show, and now he’s Netflix’s golden boy, the actor is not just wildly popular but is also tipped to be the heartthrob of 2021.

The 22-year-old, who is from Melbourne, has beaten competitors like Rege Jean Page of Bridgerton and fellow Australian Jacob Elordi to become the man that everyone is now swooning on.

Mallard’s role as Ben Kirk in Neighbours was his big break, and he then relocated to Los Angeles to star in Netflix’s Locke & Key.

However, it was his portrayal of the title character Marcus Baker in Ginny and Georgia that helped him become well-known when the series became Australia’s most-watched Netflix program for weeks.

1. He’s no longer available

Unfortunately, Mallard just admitted that he has a girlfriend in an interview with Young Hollywood.

When asked who messaged him first after the episode debuted on the major streaming service, Mallard said his “girlfriend was straight on the jump.”

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Internet sleuths believe his former Neighbours co-star Zoe Cramond may be the culprit given their 14-year age gap.
Mallard and Cramond both made appearances in the serial drama from 2016 to 2018. Mallard, who also follows Cramond on Instagram, hasn’t seen any evidence to support the allegations, and neither have her 50,000 followers. Take from that what you will.

2. Harry Styles picked him to portray Harry Styles

Fans may also be familiar with the handsome man from his role as a Harry Styles-inspired character on the now-canceled comedy Happy Together, which was based on Styles’ early career as a music singer.

Even after he landed the role, the former One Direction singer personally called him.

I hear, “Hi this is Harry, we really loved your material and we hope you come on board,” as the phone suddenly rings and an unfamiliar number appears, he remembered.

For his part on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Mallard recreated Styles’ 2020 song Watermelon Sweetness to add a little sugar to the already delicious combination.

3. Speaking of singing, he has quite powerful pipes!

If acting doesn’t work out, Mallard has a fantastic voice that he can utilize.

The actor has even been asked to sing in a few of his appearances, including the first original song written for Zoey’s Playlist.

He performs with a band called enemies alike on guitar, bass guitar, and keyboard.

4. He has battled sadness and anxiety, which has led him to fight for mental health.

Mallard, who is just 22 years old, has displayed maturity beyond his years. Mallard, who has a three million-follower Instagram account, frequently writes about mental health-related topics. He said to Schon magazine that the sensitivity of his Ginny and Georgia persona drew him to it.

Mallard stated that he would “definitely put his hand up and declare that (he is) tired, exhausted, and have been pretty darn nervous and unhappy” in a more recent Instagram post.

We must assess and be aware of where we are with our own mental health because of our isolation and shared pain, he added.

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