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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s Display of Their Hermes Quilt Aboard a Personal Plane Was Met With Outrage. Read to Know the Details.

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With Ben Affleck by her side, Jennifer Lopez is currently enjoying a marital relationship. Unquestionably, their three-day wedding was a lavish affair that took place in the latter’s Georgian home. Although she always appeared to be showcasing her living, the opulent celebration she planned to mark her fourth spouse did not come as an astonishment to her admirers.

Fans were enraged by her for flaunting her vast riches, even whilst she was seeing Alex Rodriguez. The populace was more irate at that moment since the country was experiencing the worldwide problem of the pandemic.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Demonstrated Their Extravagant Living

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, a past duo, were formerly the city’s celebrity couple. Many people had the misguided hope that their romance would culminate in marriage, but it never happened. During their dating years in 2020, the latter shared a sneaky view of the cabin of his jet with his then-girlfriend, who was flying back to their house to enjoy Thanksgiving.

A major reason they faced criticism for flaunting their opulent personal plane was the COVID-19 epidemic that had the globe under lockdown at the moment. In the private jet, the actor was pictured curled up in a Hermes blanket. Lady, their dog, was also seen with her face on the businessman’s lap.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's relationship timeline

The audience harshly criticized their Instagram picture. Someone reminded the couple to display kindness instead of flaunting their affluence.

Someone else commented, “People were laid off… should quit advertising your private airplane. We comprehend… You are wealthy.

“Just a touch-tone deaf during one worldwide crisis and 60 million jobless,” one person criticized him for publishing these images.

“Just a touch-tone deaf during one worldwide crisis and 60 million jobless,” one person criticized him for publishing these images.

While Lopez was still wed to her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, they initially connected at a New York Yankees sporting event in the late 1990s. Before being passionately linked in 2017, the pair waited 2 years before becoming hitched. The COVID-19 epidemic initially caused them to delay their marriage; but, they ultimately decided to put it to a halt in March of the previous year.

The Selena star ended her relationship with Rodriguez and began seeing Ben Affleck, who was married in July of this year.

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