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Bts Army Was Brought to Tears When Jimin Expressed His Heartfelt Christmas Wishes for Jin, Accompanied by a Touching Handwritten Note.

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On Christmas, BTS member Jimin connected with his followers and mentioned the group’s oldest member Jin. Jimin posted on Reverse and claimed, What are you all doing now that it is Christmas?

Post your photos here, please. Jimin remarked That must be fun, in response to a fan who said they were engaging in a snowball war. In addition to sharing photographs of himself lying on a grey pillow in bed, he posted to his followers that he was currently in bed.

If there are any presents from Jimin for the ARMYs, a fan inquired. A gift, just a moment, he retorted. A little while after, Jimin shared a poster with the message, ARMY, Merry Christmas-Jimin.

He conveyed it by using the heart-eye emoji.


Jimin published another article My ability to draw has declined, and you want to see me? I suppose I should put a few clothes on first. Please wait.

Jimin then shared pictures of him holding the identical posters on Instagram. The performer wore a black hat, blue jeans, and a yellow sweater. He said hello while making an expression. J-Hope responded to the post by writing, Cutie, and adding fire emojis. With the post, Jimin ended an almost two-month absence from Instagram.

Back on Reverse, Jimin posted Hyu sigh Instagram for the very first time in a while heh, among other things. He also stated, I struggled with what to wear all day, hehe. Anyway, ARMYs, enjoy the holidays and your valuable time with your loved ones. Happy Holidays.

Merry Christmas to Jin Hyung too imploring look and folded hands emojis Jimin wrote on Reverse, missing Jin. He responded, That’s a nice thing to say after a fan wished him well and remarked, Our good wishes may reach him on time.

Just a few days after Jin left for his conscript training, Jimin sends him a message. His first image first from the military base has surfaced online.

A photo of Jin posing for the camera while wearing an army uniform was posted on The Camp, a website enabling individuals to keep up with Koreans serving in the military.

The identifying card on his uniform, according to Twitter user @7btskook, read, Written here on paper: the eleventh division, The second platoon, Team 5 46 – Kim Seokjin. Jin was seen assembling seats at a function with his fellow soldiers in a leaked video. He was dressed in his uniform and wearing a black mask.

On December 13, Jin was enlisted in the great army. He was joined by all the BTS members as we know J-Hope, RM, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. He will return on June 12th, 2024, after completing his duties in 18 months.

Soon after Jin, other BTS members would also sign up for the 18-month commitment. Around 2025, BTS is anticipated to come back as a complete unit.

The leader of BTS, RM, recently spoke about bandmate Jin, the first member of the group to enroll in the South Korean military’s conscription program. What Jin told to the other team members before he went to the boot camp has also been reported by Kim Namjoon. He did not speak much, though, possibly because he had a lot on his mind at the time.

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