Cameron Burrell’s Cause of Sudden Death Was Suicide: This is What His Family Said in Wake of Loss, Know the Truth

Leroy Burrell, Cameron’s father, stated of his son’s death, We might not ever understand why Cameron took such a decision. We advise anyone who might be having a hard time in one‘s life to ask for assistance.

It has been determined that track and field athlete Cameron Burrell committed suicide.

The deceased athlete, who competed in track and field at the University of Houston and won an NCAA Division I championship, passed away on Monday, August 9. Records from the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences show that Burrell died from a head wound from a gunshot. Only 26 years old, he.

Leroy Burrell, the head coach of the Texas-based college, also acknowledged Burrell’s demise in a statement provided to E! News on Friday, Aug. 13.

His note stated, On Monday evening, our family experienced the heartbreaking loss of our son, Cameron, who committed suicide. Cameron may never reveal the reasons behind his choice. We urge anyone who might be having problems in their lives to ask for assistance.

You aren’t alone, and you’re accompanied by more individuals who cherish and care about you than you might think in a sad moment, Leroy, an Olympic gold medalist, continued.

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In a message published on the university’s track and field page earlier this week, the head coach of the University of Houston acknowledged the passing of his son.

The loss of our son, Cameron, yesterday night has left my family and I deeply grieved, Leroy said in a statement issued on Tuesday, August 10. We need everyone’s understanding while we assemble with our closest loved ones and the larger University of Houston family as well as the track-and-field community in the United States and internationally.

We are deeply grieving, and we appreciate everyone’s prayers and support, he said in his conclusion. When further information becomes available, we will share it.

Renu Khator, president of the University of Houston, was among the university staff members who expressed their grief at Burrell’s passing.

Cameron Burrell’s untimely death has devastated the University of Houston, according to a statement Renu previously gave to E! News. We extend our deepest sympathies and continuous encouragement to the Burrell family and everyone who knew him, especially Cameron’s numerous friends, coaches, and teammates.

Kate continued, The Cougar family cherished Cameron as a member. His perseverance and work ethic were examples of his character. We’re devastated and shall miss him so much. We kindly invite the UH community to help one another through trying times.

According to a post on the university website, Chris Pezman, Vice President for Athletics, also expressed his condolences.

Our feelings for Leroy, Michelle, and their family are beyond words. Cameron was raised near the Houston Athletics Department, put in a lot of effort, and became one of our finest track and field athletes read his message. It’s awful to lose him so quickly. We kindly request that all University of Houston track and field supporters remember Coach Burrell and his family in their prayers.

Dawn Burrell, Cameron’s aunt who happens to be an Olympian and a member of Top Chef, posted a heartfelt message on Instagram.

She wrote, For now, my heart is crushed into a million pieces. My nephew passed away last night. He was both wonderful and tormented. I was unsure of the extent.

Enjoy your already-earned glory, nephew. You have always embodied brilliance. Without you, I’m not certain what I’ll do.

From 2013 until 2018, Burrell ran track and field for his father, per the University of Houston.

Burrell earned the NCAA solo title game in the 100-meter race in his final season as a Cougar in 2018. In addition, that same season, he assisted the Cougars’ 4×100-meter relay team in winning the NCAA national championship.

Cameron was raised near the Houston Athletics Department, put in a lot of effort, and became one of our finest track and field athletes In a statement made public earlier this week, Chris Pezman, the vice president of athletics at the University of Houston, stated.


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