Did Pastor Keion Henderson and His Wife Get Divorced Before His New Marriage? Also Know Some Facts About Pastor Keion Henderson’s Ex-wife

Shaunie O’Neal, a television celebrity, and her partner, Pastor Keion Henderson, are now engaged. According to O’Neal’s agent, later proposed to O’Neal on November 11 and she said “yes” to him.


The couple got hitched on a tropical island, according to People. At 11:11 p.m., Keion popped the question. According to the couple’s representative, the time held great significance for them because it served as a powerful symbolic point of connection.

To top it all off, Keion surprised Shaunie with a bespoke 4.22-karat ring, making the evening even more memorable. He then planned a personal fireworks display to follow this.

O’Neal claimed that it was one of her nicest days ever in a conversation with People, adding that someone had made an official proposal to her. She continued, That night was incredible for me. I never anticipated feeling love like this.

Shaunie O’Neal proceeded by saying she wants to have the experience over and over again and referred to her boyfriend as a remarkable man of God. She claimed that he is intelligent, encouraging, devoted, charming, and loves her and her children in a way that has completely transformed her life and heart.

In a message to People, Keion Henderson added that he had never felt more loved or encountered someone who was so encouraging. He claimed that their mutual affection and respect aided in their growing humility and personal development. Henderson added that she makes him want to be his best self and brings out the best in him.


She told the publication: I’ve never known a more encouraging person in my life. I have an undeniable and unbreakable connection with Shaunie, he explains. I won’t allow anyone else to occupy her space. We are humbled and grow because of the dignity and affection we have for one another. which finally increases our similarity to God. Who wouldn’t desire a partner who helps them become just like The Creator? She merely brings out my greatest qualities and genuinely cares about me. Any love that naturally achieves all of that is worthwhile to pursue. the eng

According to The Hollywood Mask, Keion Henderson and Felicia Henderson were wed from 2015 to 2016. They eventually had two daughters.

The couple’s breakup’s cause is still a mystery. When they were married and employed at The Lighthouse Church, which Henderson founded, they used to share photos of themselves.

Keion hasn’t talked much about his breakup with Felicia. He did, however, discuss the split in his book Shift. There are some speculations that Keion was the one who filed for divorce first.

There isn’t much information available on Felicia Henderson, including details about her family and education, and it’s unclear how and where she first met Keion Henderson.

Relationship history between Keion Henderson and Shaunie O’Neal

Sources claim that the two have been friends for a very long time and have been dating since February. Through a mutual buddy, the two got close.

On a warm island, O’Neal and Henderson got engaged. In the latter case, Jason of Beverly Hills’ 4.22 karat dazzling cut diamond ring with 50 round cut white diamonds set inside of an 18 karat white gold band was used to pop the question.

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