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How Ben Affleck Became Jennifer Garner’s Guardian Angel and Much More: A Look Into a Heartwarming Story.

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The news broke on Monday afternoon that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have reportedly wed in a secret ceremony in Paris. It is also claimed they were joined by their two daughters, but not yet one of their grandchildren.

Ben Affleck has been married twice before with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom he married in 2004. They share a daughter Violet Rose who was born via emergency C-section.

She sadly passed away after her birth in 2010, so it seems they got the call to make up after all that time apart. But now the rumours are surfacing once again about Affleck marrying his ex wife Jennifer Garner.

It is known she is a close friend of Garner’s ex-husband Ben Affleck, who publicly blamed him for killing Jaimie Foster, which led to her divorce from Affleck last February.

Both these actors were very much involved with each other when Jaffa was dating Hollywood star Matt Damon, who died in an accident in 2007. And then there was Garner’s relationship with Steven Spielberg and Jamie Foxx.

In fact, in 2003 both of them were arrested for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct, and later released on bail. So according to reports they began dating about six years ago when Garner would visit the set of Mission Impossible 2.

The couple met in 2019 at a party for the Golden Globes where the actor said he had just come out of prison for drug possession when Garner asked him what kind of movie it was. “It’s called Dunkirk but it’s really awesome,” he told her.

Soon they began hanging out together, and just three weeks later they were engaged. A few days before the wedding in 2020 both parties exchanged vows on July 25, 2021. On Wednesday Affleck posted some photos of himself cutting down a large redwood tree, captioned ‘to my girlfriend @jennifergarner‏. It makes me feel whole’.

He also shared a snap standing next to her as if he had put himself in charge of this decision. And at present they are living together in Santa Monica California.

Ben Affleck looks every bit like his old flame Jennifer Garner in new pictures he shared on Instagram and other social media platforms, along with the message, ‘it’s been a long year’ written above it.

PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE Please contact X17 before any use of these exclusive photos – [email protected] EXPLOSIVE Ben Affleck has enough it seems as he is arguing with his ex Jennifer Garner in front of Garner house in Palisades. The two have been co parenting for more than two years but their relation is not improving Nov 29, 2019

In another Instagram post, Affleck revealed that after almost 20 years together, they decided to go their separate ways. After being together for 22 years and sharing four children together, Jennifer and Ben separated in 2016.

Before then they lived a happy life in London together with their family. For 14 years Ben supported Jennifer in her career as he acted in movies such as Batman Begins (2006), The Dark Knight (2008), Argo (2012) The Man with No Name (2013). And then came the day that changed everything for Jennifer.

Jennifer spent her morning having breakfast with her fiancé Ben. During the outing the actor was holding their dogs named Spot and Samoyed. Also, they are seen enjoying fresh air on a boat.

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