Know About Mona Kosar Abdi’s Married Life, Her Parents & All Twist and Turns

Mona Kosar Abdi’s fans and followers have been really curious about her marital life. mostly due to the ABC correspondent’s well-known secrecy over her personal life.

On her social media accounts or in interviews, she has never stated having a spouse or partner, but she has hinted that she is getting married.

Mona Kosar Abdi, Is She Married?

With roughly 68k followers on Instagram, where she primarily posts pictures of her work, Abdi has a respectable level of popularity.
The 30-year-old would rather not have her private life in the spotlight. As a result, she publishes less about her friends and family on social media.

To everyone’s amazement, Abdi started marriage speculations when she uploaded a photo of her Henna-covered foot to Instagram in December 2016.

And this tiny pig got dressed for the wedding, she captioned. Her friends and followers immediately believed it was her feet and that she was getting married when she posted the picture.

Regardless of the assumption, it’s not apparent if Abdi or her pals had henna-covered feet.

After the post, she didn’t include any wedding pictures. Additionally, she has never written anything online about having a spouse. In other words, the post should be treated with a grain of salt.

Even though Abdi has never acknowledged having a spouse, she previously said she had not yet tied the knot.
On September 15, 2015, she tweeted that the Grand Del Mar in San Diego, California’s Lebron James wedding served as a reminder that it was the ideal wedding location.
She made the implication that she would wed her fictitious spouse there.

Families of Mona Kosar Abdi’s Parents

Abdi’s mother is without a doubt her first love.
She shared a picture of her mother Firdowsa on Instagram on Mother’s Day 2020.

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On Father’s Day of that year, she followed the same pattern. She posted a photo of her father and said, “Stuntin’ like my papa.” She has a close relationship with her parents.

Abdi is also appreciative of her father, who supported the family by working two jobs.

Alongside her sisters Layla Jama and Nimo Jama, she grew up. Layla is married and the mother of a young girl named Maia Nova Joshi.

Abdi announced the news of being an aunt on Instagram when she was expecting.
She posted a photo of herself and her sister at the gender reveal party online, showing all of her joy at being an aunt.

Mona Kosar Abdi’s Career 

Abdi earns money as a Washington, DC-based ABC News correspondent. 2019 saw the beginning of her employment there.

The television personality is the host of America This Morning with Kenneth Moton and World News Now, which airs overnight and early in the morning.

Janai Norman, who began working as a correspondent for Good Morning America, was replaced by her through a formal hiring process in September 2020.
She has experience working for networks including KGTV Channel 10, WSET ABC 12, and WEWS News Channel.

She founded the Gazzetta media company in 2011 and served as its editor-in-chief.

She speaks English, Somali, and Spanish with ease and has even traveled to London and Doha. Abdi earned a Bachelor of Arts in international studies, political science, and communications from the University of California, San Diego.

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