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Mark Your Calendars for January 2023! The Highly Anticipated Return of Joe Goldberg in the “You” Series Has Officially Been Announced. Don’t Miss Out on This Thrilling Event!

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Please start the drums! The wait will soon be over. As with the previous cliffhanger, viewers were treated to a compelling scene in which Joe considers a future with Marienne as word of a recent murder spreads through the neighbourhood, yet Heaven hath fury as Love scorns. Since then, fans have been curious as to how the story will develop with Joe Goldberg making his fourth trip over the pond.

To ease your concerns, we have put together a list of everything you may look forward to while you relive the prior seasons, which are currently available to stream on the streaming service.

If you fall into this category, you’ve come to the correct place to learn all there is to know about the fourth season of You on Netflix.

Is the fourth season of You set to premiere in January 2023 or not?

Unfortunately, it has come to our notice that You Season 4 was not listed among the new releases for January 2023, which is unfortunate again for fans who have been anticipating the upcoming season for a while.

The second portion of the new season is scheduled to launch on March 9, 2023, while the first part is scheduled to air on February 9, 2023.

Additionally, You Season 4 will share the same premiere time as other Netflix programmes, which is 12:00 a.m. PT or 3:00 a.m. if we consider the majority of Netflix series with a little bit of speculation ET.

Curious viewers can also set notifications to get information before the show debuts on Netflix. The revelation was also confirmed by the show’s official Twitter account, which tweeted, “Emotional baggage for Jonathan Moore is awaiting at the claim. On February 9, Part 1 arrives early in London, and on March 9, Part 2 follows. On Netflix only. View the official posting.

What can fans anticipate from You Season 4?

When the season starts, Joe is reportedly residing in London as Jonathan Moore, a college lecturer. Joe is attempting to maintain a low profile, avoid any complexities, and just fit in given the numerous problems he left behind here in the States and the fact that he’s believed to be dead, hence the beard.

In the sneak look that appeared at Tulum 2022 in September, he adds, Living in London has enabled me to, if you will bury the past. The days of longing and unrequited love are over. No, I’m putting my attention this time solely on academics and teaching, keeping my usual extracurricular activities completely professional.

As Joe hunts for love, every year of You develops and subverts different genres, as viewers of the programme are aware. Season 1 was a standard stalker thriller with a satirical spin on tried-and-true rom-com cliches; Season 2 had a stronger revenge theme and pushed the boundaries of conventional love interests; and Season 3 put Joe into a domestic drama that was nearly a suburban noir with swinging neighbours.

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