Texas Chain Saw Massacre Has 3 Playable Sawyer Characters!

Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s Gameplay,new Characters Added

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game looks like a intimidating take on asymmetrical horror that pits teens against the cannibalistic Sawyer family.

Gun Interactive lately revealed further information for their forthcoming multiplayer asymmetrical horror game grounded on the groundbreaking 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Tobe Hooper’s classic has endured for nearly 50 times; Texas Chain Saw Massacre has come a crucial horror ballot and the hulking Leatherface is one of the most honored horror movie villains of all time.

The publisher behind the 2017 Friday the 13th The Game has decided to turn another classic horror ballot of the 70s and 80s into a multiplayer game adaption.

This is the first replication of the ballot as a videotape game since the 1983 release of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the Atari 2600 by Wizard Video.

The game was entered with contestation and vended inadequately due to its violent nature, causing numerous stores to refuse to carry it.

Despite this, Leatherface has lately set up success in popular games as a guest character or outfit in the likes of Dead by Daylight and Call of Duty Warzone. This asymmetrical game could be his coming big break.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s Twitter account has participated casts of the game for some time now, but further details have come to light through interviews and hands- on trials.

The game has an unorthodox style, concluding for 3 members of Chain Saw Massacre’s Sawyer family against 4 unlucky teenagers rather of the typical 1v4.

cooperation is vital for each side if they hope to succeed, with each victim and killer having unique capacities and customization options that affect how they play.

Victims can stun the killers or maneuver their way through hard- to- reach places similar as narrow gaps in the walls as they work their way from the basement of the Sawyer grange.

Stealth and the use of the victims’ surroundings is encouraged, with alleviation taken from the original film’s final girl Sally Harde sty.

Slow, scrupulous, politic gameplay is crucial for the victims as they find and manage particulars in the terrain and unlock doors in an trouble to escape the house of horrors into the Texas evening.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre has 3 playable Sawyer characters The Cook, The Hitchhiker, and Leatherface, each with their own strengths and sins.

NPC Grandpa Sawyer also with their family on their side, who can be fed blood from around that place or directly from the victims by themselves.

This inflow of blood situations up Grandpa and triggers a sonar- type capability that causes him to sometimes roar and tag any mobile victim that gets caught in the blast.

Grandpa can be killed by the victims in an trouble to disable his capability for the match, giving some balance for an fluently abusable capability.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game looks like it will be a very intense and scary take on the asymmetrical horror genre. This is the first time that the game has been made into a video game since 1983, and with the recent popularity of games such as Dead by Daylight and Call of Duty Warzone, this could be Leatherface’s big break. The game pits 3 members of the Sawyer family against 4 unlucky teenagers in a fight to survive. The victims can use stealth and their surroundings to their advantage, while the killers must use all of their cunning to catch them. With each side having unique abilities and customization options, cooperation is key for both sides if they hope to come out alive.

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