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The Rumors of Twitter Banning Nicki Minaj Have Been Debunked by the Platform, Putting an End to Speculation That the Singer Had Been Banned.

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After Nicki Minaj’s purported “ex-assistant” spilled the beans on Instagram yesterday, scandalous claims against her drove Twitter into a frenzy.

Someone going by the name of Kate Miller has leveled some serious allegations against Nicki Minaj over her purported relationships with other musicians.

Explained: Nicki Minaj’s “Ex-Assistant” Problem

Twitter went crazy after seeing images of a certain Kate Miller’s Instagram story, in which she claimed to be Nicki Minaj’s former assistant who had been wrongfully sacked for fraud.

I’m providing all of the documents I have from my time working for her. In addition to the voicemails she provided me about other individuals, not only Cardi B, she added.

The ex-assistant shared more than 20 Instagram stories, but among the claims were those regarding her alleged conduct toward other musicians, the “Freaky Girl” payola, and disagreements with close pals including Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Beyonce, and even Rihanna.

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The ex-assistant did, however, allegedly retain audio and video recordings to support the allegations, which prevented her from continuing to display screenshots of allegedly illegitimate discussions between herself and Minaj.

The claims didn’t bother Nicki Minaj’s supporters, who noted that they were completely absurd and untrue.

Nicki Minaj addressed it last night, breaking her silence over it.

For the “Super Bass” rapper, the “obviously” ignorant claims were made by a young person who was unaware that owing the IRS such a substantial sum of money might be a reason for deportation.

Nicki denied the scandalous claims and asserts that another crowd was attempting to harm her.

The identity of Nicki Minaj’s former assistant gets revealed

The Shade Room, who was also charged with accepting payola from the artist to assist her promotion, clapped back at a critic following Nicki’s lengthy diatribe on Instagram.

The Shade Room identified the purported “Ex Assistant” who Nicki Minaj allegedly dismissed when someone criticized them for taking a biased stance on the matter.

It turns out that the image shared on Instagram by Kate Miller, Nicki Minaj’s purported ex-assistant, was taken by Colorado novelist Megan Feldman Bettencourt.

As opposed to what the Instagram account states, Bettencourt is a music executive for Republic Records and a professor of media and public relations.

In reality, Kate Miller serves as the Senior Vice President for Visual Content at Republic Records.

However, there is no tangible evidence that she has ever collaborated with Nicki Minaj in any way, as it is exceedingly improbable for someone who has an executive role to also hold a position as an artist’s assistant.

The Instagram account purporting to be Nicki Minaj’s “Ex Assistant” has been deleted as of the time of this writing, but hundreds of phony profiles have cropped up using Bettencourt’s image.

Although the material was already shared with Megan Bettencourt through Twitter, she has not yet replied to it.

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