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The Selective Working And Monopoly Of Royals As Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Accused of Selectively Working With Journalists.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been accused of selectively working with journalists who don’t challenge them, according to the Guardian. And despite publicly stating that they work directly with the Queen when it comes matters about royal families, their relationship with a number of journalists seems to suggest otherwise.

According to the outlet, former Vanity Fair editor Anna Friel was quoted by Page Six as saying that her recent book about Prince Harry, Meghan, and Archie would not be published without her consent in order for the couple not to get upset.

As well, she said, if they were to do so, they would only release a small portion of an interview where they didn’t want to include everything — which would mean that they wouldn’t want to put all their focus on Harry and Meghan getting along with British media at all.

Prince Harry has also been caught up in similar situations when it came to choosing which stories to discuss with reporters. In 2018 News International released several articles about how his and Meghan’s relationship with the Royal family had harmed Kate Middleton’s image.

She then went on to sue both publishers for defamation for what the court ruled was “malicious falsehoods intended to sow hatred based on a false impression created about the Royal Family, its members, and/or persons associated with members.”

However, the courts later found that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove whether or not Meghan’s comments that appeared to attack Kate were actually meant to do so. Instead, the two sides settled out of court.

There is also another example of one of the duchess’s most vocal critics, Rachel Shandler, being forced by her publisher to leave some pieces which seemed to go against her beliefs.

This has come from multiple books and other works of art, including paintings by Monet and Picasso, that she has worked on. Some sources even claim that because she doesn’t like painting, she doesn’t share information about herself or the royals with anyone else in publishing houses.

The couple appear to believe strongly in their own style and their opinions and choices are clearly seen on many social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. But behind closed doors it seems that their views seem to differ somewhat, even though these outlets are not affiliated with the monarchy.

For example, during a visit to India last month, Meghan told the BBC news that she believed the country was facing racial tensions due to Covid, but chose not to comment further on this issue, instead saying that she would “make sure” that Harry and Meghan spoke to those who have lost people to the virus, and explained what steps they could take to help.

There would be no mention of the government providing vaccines for free in the future.It’s hard to say why Meghan and Harry did this or did not do this, since it seemed almost too public to do something without permission. Their views can often contradict with ones of the Royals, given all that they have done over the years for royal roles and for Meghan’s brand, especially when it comes to the fashion business.

While the Windsors are widely known for their fashion choices, they’re also known for putting money into places like charity to support causes like animal rights, education, and women’s rights. Since March, they have donated more than $100 million to organizations like UNICEF, Oxfam, and various others.

Perhaps part of this reflects their values, but I wonder if this just represents what’s popular among the world’s wealthy? Maybe even the middle class?

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