What is the Net Worth of Steve Wilkos? His Bio, Age, Wife, Marriage, and Much More

Steve Wilkos, an American television broadcaster and personality, has a $6 million fortune. The Jerry Springer Program security director and host of his tabloid talk show, The Steve Wilkos Show, Steve Wilkos, is probably best recognized for these roles.

Childhood and Career

On March 9th, 1964, Steve Wilkos was raised in Chicago, Illinois. His mother was a beauty school instructor, while his father was a police officer. In what is now known as the Roscoe Village area in North Center, Chicago, he grew up among his three siblings. He was involved in fights at school and went around a violent crowd as a young man and teenager.

He enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 1982 after finishing high school, and he served there for seven years. In Quantico, Virginia, he wed his first spouse a few years later, but the couple split up in 1985 after just two years. Wilkos started working for the Chicago Police Department in early 1990.

Up until 2004, he was employed by the Chicago Police Department as a police officer. When a fellow officer requested him to work as security with him for an episode of The Jerry Springer Show featuring the Ku Klux Klan, his television career officially began in 1994.

Jerry Springer’s security

Early in the 1990s, Wilkos started to work as a security guard. After appearing on one episode of The Jerry Springer Show, they decided to hire him for more episodes. Police officers made up the majority of the show’s security people, and Wilkos hired several of his squad members to provide part-time guards for the production. He started doing full-time work for The Jerry Springer Show in 2001.

He has claimed that even though the guests on The Jerry Springer Show are agitated and combative, the atmosphere is controlled even without surprises that police routinely face. This is about the distinction between both working as a cop and appearing on the show. In the course of the show, he has been hurt twice.

He allegedly ripped a muscle in his groin after falling from the stage and slamming his jaw to the ground. Wilkos briefly competed as a professional wrestler for the Maryland Wrestling Championship during a break from filming the show. He made his ring debut in 2002, teaming up with Gillberg, a professional lightweight wrestler, to take on Chad Bowman and Dino Divine. The victory went to Wilkos and Gillberg.

Wilkos appeared as a guest on several television programs when worked on The Jerry Springer Show, including The Roseanne Show, the eatery program Check, Please!, the tv show Identity, and Maury. The 2002 tv documentary That Jerry Springer Ruled the World also included him. Springer participated in Dancing for the Stars in 2006.

He requested Wilkos to host the show in his absence. Later, Springer hired Wilkos to fill in for him once each week. Additionally, he has made guest appearances on the MLB Network, The Wayne Brothers, Between Brothers, and in the movie Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me.

Showtime with Steve Wilkos

When Wilkos left The Jerry Springer Show in 2007, his tabloid talk show, The Steve Wilkos Show, debuted two months later. The popularity of his skit Steve to the Rescue during his stint on The Jerry Springer Show prompted Springer to suggest the concept for The Steve Wilkos Show to NBC executives.

The focus on criminal justice concerns was more prominent on Wilkos’ show than it was on The Jerry Springer Show, which had a more lighthearted tone. Wilkos wanted to discuss more important topics and keep the set in better order, but Springer desired a program that was raucous and high-energy.

Each episode is centered on a distinct criminal justice issue or crime and includes guests who have either been victims of or perpetrators of the crime. The program includes people who say they were falsely accused of crimes in addition to those who commit crimes.

He has prohibited people who have been charged with severe offenses from sitting in the chairs that were located on the stage when they appeared on the show. According to him, this is because persons who have committed horrible acts shouldn’t feel at ease in his program because of the suffering they caused their victims.

When very irate, he frequently throws empty chairs. From the first season, Wilkos got to add infidelity and paternity-related topics. These topics added some lightness to the program because Wilkos frequently made jokes about both himself and the guests while discussing these subjects.

Since its debut in 2007, the program has continued to air, and NBC confirmed in 2020 that it has been renewed for two more seasons.

Personal Life

Rosae Wilkos and Wilkos were married for the first time in 1985; they divorced in 1987. In 1999, he wed Hannah Wilkos for the second time, but they soon got divorced. He wed Rachelle Consiglio, an executive producer for The Jerry Springer Show, in 2000. The couple resides in Darien, Connecticut with their two kids. Additionally, they have a house in Camp Lake, Wisconsin. He spent $543,000 on the Wisconsin house in 2008. In 2009, he spent $1.9 million on the Connecticut residence.

In January 2018, Wilkos was thought to have been driving under the influence when his automobile rolled over close to his house. His blood alcohol content was.29 when the Darien police department secured a demand for a blood sample. He was then taken into custody and accused of drunken driving.

After completing the required education and treatment program, he requested the judge for an alternative sentence that’d result in the charges being dropped once they were finished.

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