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Anime Los Angeles returns with festivities take a look Inside Anime Los Angeles 2023

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This past weekend saw the return of Anime Los Angeles, which was celebrating its 18th anniversary just at Long Beach Convention Center in California. In 2005, retiring Chair Hazel Chaz decided to create a unique conference. This required including fan art-adorned benches, a Con Suite where participants could mingle with the event’s organizers, decorative ribbons that participants could attach to their badges, and much more.

San Diego Science Fiction Conventions Inc. served as its very first sponsor in 2005 when the event’s top attendance was 616 people. As the conference became bigger has since Anime Los Angeles has just been organized in several locations. There were 13,828 attendees as of 2022.

There is always something new to experience at Anime Los Angeles, and there is always much to do.

Numerous renowned industry figures were invited as guests of honor last weekend, including Mamoru Yokota and Kenji Yokoyama Yokota also wrestled alongside a cosplayer during a panel. Program hosts like Andrew Alandy and Anne Yatco have also been highlighted as special guests to host panels. The traveling Arcane Maid Cafe even appeared on the show, setting up a little cafe with a menu in the exhibit hall!

The venues where guests can spend their cash at conventions may be their biggest draw in general. It is the exhibit hall in the case of ALA.

It ought to be recognized that this location is so well-liked that you might hear cheers every morning as the doors open. With designated areas for artists, guests, vendors, food, and even a vehicle exhibit, it was simple to wind up staying all day (no pun intended). As previously mentioned, veteran animator Kenji Yokoyama and protagonist designer and director Mamoru Yokota each had their booth. The latter was accepting commission requests. But to be a truly outstanding artist, you need not be a professional.

The Final Fantasy XIV fan artist flooding, Peach Slice Creations, selling sweets & food-themed jewelry and accessories, and a triple table including artists mac. uhfee, aprincewei, and taro cakes showcasing their distinctive canvases and pencil paintings were all present in the Artist Alley. To make it simple for spectators to move between the hundreds of artists set up in columns along the vendor booths, each booth had a designated number so you could easily return to your favorite artist at whichever time.

Along with well-known merchants such as Book Off, Gamer Supps collaborated with Guest of Honor Kaho Shibuya to offer Waifu Cups to gamers seeking a healthy beverage.

Participants had the opportunity to sample various varieties of tasty and nutritious substitutes for the typical Gamer drinks.

There used to have a distinct flavor available for sampling every day, so it was an excellent booth to frequent. Additionally, Wild Bill’s Craft Soda circulated and provided visitors with a promotion for free excellent craft soda refills with the purchase of any mug! A day-use cup or a weekend-use mug could be purchased by attendees for a small premium. To complement the anime tone of the event, some of the mugs had also cute faces in them in addition to the Wild Bill’s emblem.

One of the more enduring gatherings in the California con scene is Anime Los Angeles, which has continued to grow. Tickets to Anime Los Angeles 2024 are yet to be made available, but you can keep up with updates by following their official Twitter account. Up until then!

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