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Kevin Samuels, a well-liked YouTuber and Instagram user who gave candid lifestyle advice to black men and women and was criticized by others for holding outmoded and caustic beliefs passed away on Thursday in Atlanta. Age-wise, he was 57.

Two of his pals, fellow YouTube stars Dennis Sperling and Melanie King, announced his passing. In an Instagram post, Mr. Sperling, a lawyer as well, identified himself as a family spokesperson.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth 2022

Name: Kevin Roshon Samuels

Nick Name: Dating Guru

His Height in feet: 6 Feet 02 Inch

Age: 57 years

His Profession: Dating Expert, You Tuber, Lifestyle Coach

Net Worth 2022: 4 Million Dollars

Wife: Divorced

Annual salary: $500 thousand

His Height in cm: 187cm

He was allegedly discovered emotionless on his apartment’s floor by Atlanta police. It wasn’t explained why. Mr. Samuels, who sees himself as an appearance consultant, went from being a personal trainer to a social media star who typically wore well-tailored suits and was blunt and hyper-masculine in his speech.

He now has almost a million followers on YouTube and Instagram thanks to this strategy, and many of his admirers perceive him as taking a brave position for traditional values.

Kevin Samuels’s profile

Since the Atlanta Police and his mother acknowledged his untimely passing last week, Kevin Samuels, a divisive YouTuber renowned for offering controversial dating advice, has already been trending on social media.

Kevin Samuels’s earnings

Kevin Samuels had a $4 million fortune (for 2022). He has more than 121 million YouTube subscribers and was a megastar.

Through this, he has a sizable fan base, boasting over a million Instagram followers. Many people have watched his motivational video.

His own business and his YouTube channel are his two main sources of revenue.

According to the investigation, he charged a customer up to $10,000 for picture consulting and made $5,000 each month from Youtube. Kevin Samuels’ net worth increased by 12% in 2022 compared to the previous year.

Patrick Samuels Biography

On March 13, 1965, Kevin Samuels had been born in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. He had been an American YouTuber, author, lifestyle coach, image consultant, influencer, and dating specialist by profession. He made a name and fame for himself through YouTube.

He was an accomplished American YouTuber, picture consultant, lifestyle coach, influencer, and dating expert who was well-known and well-liked. As a motivational speaker, Kevin helped organizations and individuals get back on track.

On May 20, 2015, he opened his YouTube channel and began to share his ideas on a variety of subjects, including fashion sense, companies, scents, and current social issues.

A well-known American YouTuber, image consultant, coaching and counseling, influencer, and dating specialist, Kevin Samuels.

He was a gifted individual. Both his high school and college education were completed at Millwood High School and The University of Oklahoma, respectively. He was well-known. He has a $3 million net worth. He surely accomplished a lot in his life.

Kevin Samuels’s Career & Education

In Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on March 13, 1965, Kevin Samuels was born. American YouTuber, writer, image advisor, lifestyle coach, influencer, and relationship specialist Kevin Samuels was featured in a lot of videos on the site.

He was an inspirational figure who provided support in getting people and organizations back on track. As a YouTuber, photo consultant, lifestyle coach, influencer, and dating specialist, he pursued a profession.

When his channel was founded on May 20, 2015, he began his YouTube experience in 2016. He never shared any information regarding his family or anything.

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