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Edward Norton Isn’t Happy to Find Out His Ancestors Owned Slaves During a Pbs Program and is Shaken by This Revelation

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For famous people with a strong reputation in the Hollywood industry, the past could be upsetting. If an actor has an unlawful secret, revealing it during a TV show watched by many people could get them into trouble. Finding Your Roots, the programme presented by Henry Louis Gates Jr is well known for uncovering the guests’ ancestry. It is where celebrities go to research their ancestry and explore their family tree.

The ninth season of the show has begun, and Edward Norton and Julia Roberts are the first guests to appear. While Roberts researches her family tree, Norton learns about the troubling history of his family and becomes uneasy.

Edward Norton is uneasy after learning that his family were slave owners.

The PBS programme Finding Your Roots included Edward Norton as a guest. The ninth season of the programme, which is being presented by Henry Louis Gates Jr., has debuted an episode preview. The Glass Onion actor learns in the clip that his ancestors owned a slave household that would include five young girls. Gates Jr. plays Norton a video that features a 55-year-old man, a 37-year-old woman, and five young daughters, ranging in age from 4 to 10.

The host informs the 53-year-old celebrity that the family used to be kept as slaves before asking the actor what he thinks about seeing this.

In response, the actor from Primal Fear states that he is embarrassed with such things and believes that everyone should be uncomfortable.

Additionally, he claims that now the condemnation is not directed at him or his life, but rather at the nation’s history, which demands recognition.

The performer added,

When you personalise things and depart from census numbers, you may be talking about a married couple with five girls, all of whom are slaves. a naturalised slave. You really want to die when you read slave aged eight.

Norton’s family’s disclosure comes at the same time as recent claims that Benedict Cumberbatch’s family is being sued in Barbados for damages because of his slave-owning grandparents. In 2015, even Ben Affleck experienced a similar incident.

Having come from a rich family, Edward Norton

Although the period of the film is uncertain, it is still unclear whether the actor who plays The Illusionist’s forefathers owned slaves. Even the celebrity is descended from the affluent Rouse family. James Rouse, a businessman who founded The Rouse Company and developed abandoned shopping complexes, was his grandpa.

William Goldsmith Rouse, an attorney and businessman from Maryland, was the great-grandfather of the 53-year-old celebrity. The majority of his affluent, real estate-owning family.

Celebrities like Cyndi Lauper, Brian Cox, Viola Davis, and Claire Danes will appear in series nine of Finding Your Roots. Although the first episode starring Julia Roberts and Norton airs on PBS on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET.

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