Getting Fooled by Wordle’s Trickery? Here Are the Wordle 580 Answer for January 20 Check the Hints, Clues and Solution

Today, Wordle is back with another five-letter riddle. People from around the world will be checking in today to complete the New York Times’s latest puzzle challenge, and some may stumble and require a little assistance to complete it successfully.

Every day there is a new Wordle puzzle to solve, and most players shouldn’t have too much trouble with today’s solution. Players can change their predictions somewhat using the available clues to eventually decipher this very popular word.

Choosing a good starting word is crucial in every Wordle game. Training a player to understand specifically what to do to continue depending on the initial set can be facilitated by knowing where to start and maintaining consistency day after day.

A term with numerous common letters including vowels, such as CRANE or IRATE, is always a good choice.

The Wordle Game


Wordle is a brief daily word search. Players can sign in daily to try the fresh word. However, they must first become familiar with the game’s rules to play.

Players must first and foremost make doubly sure that is in the proper location. Although there are numerous Wordle imitations online, the New York Times edition is the first. Here are the solution, tips, and guidelines for this version. Go to the NYT Wordle’s Games website or the original Crossword App to play it.

Pick a Wordle starting word. It must be an actual word, five letters long, instead of a proper noun. Players should avoid using plural nouns with the letters S or ES and stick with words that haven’t already been used as Wordle solutions. Pick words with five letters that frequently appear in Wordle puzzles.

In the top section of the Wordle grid, enter the initial word.

Use the device’s keyboard, the website’s onscreen keyboard, the New York Times Crossword Wordle App, or any of these to press enter.

A hint of the correct response can be found in each letter’s changing color.

Before the revealed answer below, we’ve included a few clues for gamers who might need extra assistance

Hint 1

In the response for today, there aren’t any repeated letters.

Hint 2

This Wordle word refers to making a minor but major modification to anything.

Hint 3

The moniker of a popular YouTube channel that offers independent horror filmmakers a venue for their short films is today’s answer, which horror movie enthusiasts may recognize.

We chose the Wordle word IRATE as our starting point today because it offered a tonne of hints. Except for the initial letter, every other letter was right but in the wrong place. We just swapped all the letters and tried RATED for our second effort. This placed the letters “T” and “E” in the proper positions and provided us with enough details to determine exactly where the other two letters should be placed.

Considering that now the word has to begin with “A” and conclude with “R,” we attempted AFTER our third attempt. Since this was incorrect, there was just one other option, and ALTER gave us a Wordle win in four.

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