In Virginia, a 6-year-old Child From an Elementary School Tragically Shot Their Teacher, Know the Truth

This is the sixth time that a child has been arrested for this shooting incident. Last year, an 11-year-old pupil was taken into custody for possessing a firearm. In 2019, 19 children were sent to jail over a mass shooting in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

And last June 12-year old Matthew Henson was charged with murder and manslaughter in connection with the shooting of two people outside the store where he worked.

In this photo provided by Wake County Sheriff’s Office, parents of the six-year-old who was arrested for allegedly fatally shooting a Newport News school teacher await their arrival on July 21, 2022. (Wake County Sheriffs via AP)

A 6-year-old boy was taken into custody after he shot a teacher at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Va., in what officials believe marks a third shooting under three months.

The man, identified as Ethan Killian, was taken into custody for charges including first- and second-degree attempted murder, first- and second-degree assault on a law enforcement officer and unlawful use of fire inside or around a building.

The suspect fired multiple shots from behind the front desk of the school while his mother screamed for him to stop, witnesses told local outlet WLTV. As officers approached the room, they saw Killian pull out a 22 caliber rifle and fire one round.

But others thought it was just the kind of gun he used for hunting big game because the bullets seemed to have no effect.

The father of the student who was killed refused immediate comment at initial reports. According to NBC10, the shooting happened when a teacher confronted the boy after having to leave part of her class unattended during break time earlier today.

“The gunman then fired several more times within seconds of the first shot fired by him.”

Killian had come back from hunting with someone else and his mother was waiting outside, but she later left to go home. That’s how she discovered about 10 minutes later that her son had killed another person.

She called 911 to report her son was inside the classroom. Officers found Killian lying at a table with a backpack on him, which he was not wearing when the other shots rang out during the early morning shooting. His family says the school’s principal has so far cooperated with investigators.

The Newport News Independent Community Foundation (NCF) released a statement saying, “It is heartbreaking to learn that our community lost an excellent child that served as a role model and helped everyone around him.” They also shared statements from teachers who spoke to The Wall Street Journal.

All told, there were 17 students inside the elementary class room when all of them heard gunfire. The students were able to flee, according to CBS7. However, two staff members were injured. One of the teachers sustained injuries consistent with being struck in the head.

Another teacher suffered gunshot wounds to her arm and leg. Both were listed to be hospitalized overnight.

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