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Kim Kardashian Was Slammed by ‘motherland’ Star Diane Morgan Who Compared Her to ‘an Egg’ Over Her Use of Botox to Stay Young

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The Kardashian family has a reputation for using retouching and several procedures over the years. It’s difficult to see how drastically a few Kar-Jenner sisters have changed over the past few years when having looked at pre-surgery photos of them.

Then, they have also received intense criticism and trolling for promoting an unrealistic standard of beauty on a global scale. Furthermore, trolling is unavoidable. This time, Diane Morgan, the undisputed queen of wit, made a subtly ironic but meaningful jab at Kim Kardashian for how frequently she has had surgery.

Diane Morgan rejects cosmetic procedures like Botox and surgery in favour of embracing her true self. 

In a recent interview with The Sun, Diane Morgan stated that she found it difficult to understand why anyone would undergo surgery, Botox, and other procedures to look young. The Cunk on Earth star believes that ageing is a normal procedure that has to be accepted. The 47-year-old is ageing gracefully, and she doesn’t mind that wrinkling and skin changes come with it. She thinks the ideal appearance is natural.

Regarding those who turn toward surgery to appear young, she stated


People tend to look like everyone else, which is a problem. Let’s not all resemble Kim Kardashian because everyone now does.

Regarding her personal preferences, she stated,

The more hideous I seem for such a character, the better. You seek out the monstrous-looking individual. On television, I adore seeing people who have personalities. I detest how egg-like everyone is. I’m hoping to encounter some intriguing people.

We’ll give Morgan credit for calling Kim Kardashian an egg in such a classy way. The actress who plays Philomena Cunk acknowledged that she would consider having surgery in the future to improve the region all over her mouth.

The boldness of the Kardashians

The proprietor of SKIMS is notorious for obtaining a tonne of operations, Botox, implants, as well as other procedures. And despite her resolute rejection of the alleged rumours, they keep gaining ground. What could be more persuasive than visual proof, which is why The Kardashians star’s before and after photos online are abundant? But the famous sisters have consistently engaged in blatant denial. Kim K. has been particularly outspoken in her criticism and has repeatedly broken her word.

Diane Morgan, who starred in Motherland, recently blasted Kim Kardashian for using botox to maintain her youthful appearance.

The 47-year-old has reportedly asserted that being her self makes her a better performer. Going under the knife, according to Diane, never attracted her because it made everybody look the same. No matter how much these Kardashians lie the people know the truth behind every Kardashians sister they all might be rich enough to hide their dark sides but people get to know about every happening in their life all the sisters have gone through several surgeries to look what they appear to us now

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