King Charles Was Jealous ‘resplendent’ Meghan Would Steal His Limelight, Book Claims, Know Details

In his planned all-tell memoir, Spare, which is expected next week, Prince Harry is prepared to drop brand-new bombshell information. He included his father, King Charles III, the reigning monarch of the UK, after generally disparaging the British royal family. According to recent allegations, his father was envious of his future wife, Meghan Markle.

Charles allegedly sought to avoid providing financial assistance for Meghan out of jealousy that she may become the next Diana and overshadow him, according to Prince Harry.

The Duke of Sussex claims in his book Spare that while he was a journey to Sandringham, during which he would have needed to obtain the late Queen’s consent to marry Meghan, his father brought up the idea of who’s a divorcee.

The book claims that Charles asked Meghan if she planned to continue acting in the role of a Land Rover traveling to such Norfolk estate with the Duke of Cambridge.

The royal prince slammed his father for being envious of his daughter-in-law following the couple’s recent explosive appearance in the Netflix documentary series, Harry & Meghan. This is why:

King Charles III ‘Refused’ to Back Meghan Markle, Supposedly!

Although the memoir has not yet been published, the media is already using some of the material.

King Charles III reportedly told his youngest brother that he might not have enough money to support his wife, Meghan Markle, according to new allegations made in Prince Harry’s book, Spare.

According to the allegations, his father was already supporting his boys and had ample on their plate as it was.

The royal prince claimed that Pa had not provided for Willy, and me, as our families monetarily out of any extravagance. He had to do that. That was the entire situation.

He further stated that Prince William he were serving the monarch and that they kept our hands and feet within the golden cage at all times in return for being able to eat and be clothed either by the British royal family.

Was King Charles III’s reluctance to assist Meghan Markle due to finances in the real world?

The abuse of something like the Duchess of Sussex by the royal family is a major factor in the royal couple’s frequent criticism of the royal family.

The present British monarch, according to her husband, was not opposed to Markle because of money at all, but rather because of his jealousy of her fame.

In his narrative, he stated,

Pa may have detested the increased cost of upkeep for us, but what he truly couldn’t stand was a newcomer taking over the throne, snatching the spotlight, or otherwise overshadowing him.

About the king’s previous wife and mother of both the princes, Princess Diana, the Duke of Sussex said that his father had gone through that before and that he “had no desire in living through it again.

They have been financially sustaining themselves ever since the duo retired as the family’s senior working royals.

The release date for Spare is January 10, 2023.

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