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Overwatch 2 is Honoring the Lunar New Year With a Unique Twist! Check Out All of Their Latest Updates to Help You Celebrate in Style.

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With the new year right around the corner, Blizzard Entertainment released their official announcement about how they are celebrating the Lunar New Year with a host of exciting events in all major league matches across all systems.

This list will include updates on several different esports organizations as well as some popular streamers that could be worth tuning in throughout December.

With this post being extremely long and getting quite long considering the amount of information we know so far on it, I’ve decided to break it down into smaller sections of some of my favorite changes coming up during August 2022.

Some of these were not announced at all while others had only minor additions with small nerfs or buffs.

Let’s dive in!

Blizzard has been heavily releasing an Overwatch community through various channels since November 2021 which has seen them reach over 4 million followers in total. In addition to that, there has been an increase in content creators such as Shroud0r, KSI, FaZe Clan, etc.

All of these people are highly knowledgeable about the game and have done a great job contributing to the Overwatch lore and history. As part of Overwatch 2’s continued development, fans were able to see a variety of gameplay from multiple perspectives with each season.

During Season 5 when Activision released the “Capsule” event, it introduced more characters than ever before allowing teams to choose characters based on their traits to be used.

It was very interesting to see how Team Spirit would play as Caius instead of Zenyatta when facing Pharah against his teammates, but it also really showed off just how versatile this character is. We saw some amazing things happen during this special event too, one of which was featured above.

While most of us can’t expect to see the iconic Ghost Baron return and make good moves every season (as we did see him do recently), the team behind him isn’t going anywhere either, as players haven’t even started playing in the Winter update yet.

They’re still making strides in trying to bring back ghosts like Ghost Hound, who wasn’t playable at all during the Summer holiday celebration, and Ghost Lacerator who hasn’t gotten its spot in the main roster. Of course, Ghost Lacerator is due a buff after he appears early next week, and maybe soon Ghost Butcher will hit our radar as well.

There are plenty of new heroes to learn from here as we prepare ourselves for Season 6. While Overwatch 2 is developing, the meta already seems to favor certain types of heroes over others in terms of damage output, speed, tanks, healers, etc. However, now looks like they may be adding another type of tank in Overwatch 2.

One of the best plays from last season, Fissure’s ultimate ability alone was a huge contributor to Apex Legends’ victory in the Grand Finals. Now, they’ve added “Fissure” as a category below D.VA in addition to giving DPS tanks the ability to pick and choose among four potential attachments for both the front-line options and secondary turret options.

Whether you want your tank duo using ranged shots, melee attacks, ultrawide, auto/rooster, or elemental guns, it doesn’t matter. If anyone wants to switch between any of those three, D.VA will offer a full range and versatility. Players may opt for ADS in the form of fireballs or other ADS kits.

Regardless of the DPS system, Overwatch 2 is aiming to be played all over the map with DPS options dominating each map to varying extents depending on several factors, including location, difficulty, weather conditions, etc.

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