Raft: Caravan Island Reward Metal Detector Equipment Which You Can Use on Every Future Island, Here’s How to Use It

The Caravan Town tale island contains plans for a metal detector, which Raft players can locate there. Particularly, the blueprint may be found within the exact containers wherever players can discover the infirmary key, deep underwater.

Players simply need a simple battery, 12 pieces of plastic, and 6 pieces of waste to make a metal detector, which is quite inexpensive. Once constructed, it can be used on any island, including Caravan Town, to unearth a variety of priceless buried treasures. However, because of its short battery life, it’s critical to understand how to maximize the use of this indispensable instrument.

Like every other tool, the metal detector in Raft must be placed in an active slot and activated by holding down the left mouse button.

When they do, many lights will show up on the detector’s screen if there is something buried nearby. When all nine lights are on, the treasure is straight underneath. As the player gets closer to the treasure, more lights will turn on.

Audio is another element used in detection. The metal detector will begin snapping as soon as gamers are near enough to get to the buried place therefore for green lights to turn on, and the closer players approach, the faster the snapping becomes. A soft chime will sound once the player is directly over the treasure.

The metal detector’s constrained battery life is a major drawback.

Players should only use the detector for as long as necessary to view the lights to get the most out of it and place it away until they’re able to use it again in a flash in a different location. This will enable gamers to have an approach to the prize without even having to spend more than a few seconds while using the metal detector.

The buried wealth cannot be dug up with a metal detector.

Gamers would need to carry a shovel so they can accomplish that. Although the buried treasure won’t pop like the places where players may gather dirt, it will come to light if they dig in the area in which the metal detector chimed. To fully uncover and get the treasure, players must use the shovel three times.

The raft has four potential hiding places for hidden treasure: a garbage heap, a suitcase, a safe, or even a tiki head. Digging into the buried garbage is worthwhile due its the possibility of finding useful items during that like stones and scrap. Nevertheless, subterranean safes are filled with priceless treasures like elements of titanium, one-of-a-kind cassettes and artworks, and metal ingots.

The tiki head, however, is the rarest piece of buried treasure. Players who arrange all four of the game’s buried tiki heads in proper order will earn the accomplishment of Former Glory! Players should pay great attention to the colored stripes just at the top and bottom of every tiki head to learn that order.

For instance, the tiki head that runs straight on the bottom head should have a green stripe beneath its chin because the bottom head seems to have a green stripe at the top.

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