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Fortnite To Get A Hoard Of NFL-Themed Items In The Fortnite Item Shop

Epic Games doesn’t shy away from partnerships. The company has been hard at work producing some of the very finest of updates for Fortnite. Over the past year, the company has done a number of partnerships with various companies/brands, most notably with the introduction of Thanos from The Avengers movie to Fortnite. Their latest announcement has brought a new surprise guest for the masses, and they are the NFL!

With Epic’s partnership with the NFL, Epic is basically offering a number of skins, characters and blings, harvesting tools (pick axe), gliders and NFL-themed emotes around the Fortnite Item Shop for those enthusiastic football fans. Epic says that with introduction of the NFL in Fortnite, players would not only be able to buy new outfits, but they would also be able to customize their characters in one of thirty two outfits. If that wasn’t enough, in addition to that, players who do purchase the NFL skins would be able to apply their own custom number on their jerseys of their new NFL-themed character.

If you’re enthusiastic and can’t wait for it, you’re going to have to wait for a few days as these new outfits have been promised to land in the Fortnite Item Shop by November the 9th at 7PM ET.

While this may not be as interactive of an update as the introduction of Thanos was, this certainly opens waves for players to expect Epic to do these collaborations as often they deem possible. While soccer was all the craze a while ago, it certainly garnered a ton of attention. On another note, personally, we think it would have been nice to see if Thanos arrived in Season 6 rather than in Season 4 given that the whole theme of Season 6 has been captioned as “Darkness Rises“.

Fortnite To Get A Hoard Of NFL-Themed Items In The Fortnite Item Shop 2
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