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How Much Is Apple Worth In 2021? (Updated)

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Apple, the name of digital luxury, is not only the leading phone manufacturer but also a surreal capital contributor to the economy of the US. The company is famous for its simplistic approach and robust performance in terms of quality and technology.

Conclusion: there are not just many but a plethora of substantial points that differ Apple.inc from any other company in the world, but that’s for another time. In this article, let’s stick to the financial domain, discussing really how much is Apple worth?

How Much Is Apple Worth In 2021?

As of November 2021, the company took a subtle fall, valuing to the loss of six billion dollars, thus representing Microsoft as the top valued public company in the world. The reasons could be many, involving the major one relating to the supply restrictions across the world. However, the news suggests that Tim Cook, the brand’s boss, is expecting more financial downfall, unfortunately in upcoming weeks. So, how much is Apple worth? Of the last fiscal year, in the earlier quarter, Apple was enjoying a market cap of $2.09 Trillion. And to estimate the net worth of the APPL, it stands at around 66 billion dollars. 


How Large is Apple? 

Apple is the biggest digital tech, and product manufacturer in the world, with its headquarters in California. And not just in America, Apple has its manufacturing units in more than two dozen countries. There are more than 148,000 employees altogether. If to talk about the economic size, the revenue of apple is even bigger than some of the countries GDP, like Italy, Canada, Russia, Brazil, and Australia, as stated by Statista. Just to put it in perspective, Apple is more extensive than Google by 2.5 times. 

Apple’s Biggest Source of Revenue

Where the Apple brand is specified upon their proprietary GUI, the major source of the income is from the hardware it brings to the market. iPhones alone cover up 53 percent of the revenue of the brand. However, as we have been told, the iPhone is the essence, although the second major source is its services in the form of Apple Music, Apple TV, and similar such online services. Contributing to the growth, next to iPhones are the iPads, Mac, AirPods, wearable, home gadgets, and apple services. 


Apple is undoubtedly among the major companies in the world, like Google, Amazon, Meta. By economy, Apple stands just next to Aramco, Dubai. So, here we conclude this article on how much is apple worth. If you have any doubts, feel free to connect. 


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