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Lies Of P Release Date, Expectations And Everything We Know So Far

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We know that it is a bit early to be talking about the ‘Lies of P’ since the game is mandated to release in or around 2023. And we are nearing the end of 2021, so we think it is fair to keep the excitement going. As the name suggests, this article is about the game of ‘lies of p’ release date, expectations, and everything we know so far. Doesn’t the name synchronize much with the ‘Life of Pi,’ or is it just me?

Mostly there is just a teaser, which is available to us, and that too is just a pre-alpha release, so it is fair to say that game is at a very starting phase of development. Round 8 is a South Korea-based developer. This ‘Lies of P’ would be an RPG-based game based on the classic of Pinnochio. The concept of living dolls is quite frightening itself, and that too in the bloody city of Krat, about which we will know in the upcoming articles.

Why The Name Is Lies Of P?

As it turns out, the name is based on the story of Pinocchio. Thus the initial ‘P’ refers to him being the protagonist in the game. But why is it the lies of ‘P.’? Since this would be a dialogue-based game, and the lies are the dialogues which the character of the game has to choose, thus affecting the story and end result of the game? 

Lies Of P Release Date, Expectations And Everything We Know So Far

We like the teaser. But what’s not so apparent from the teaser is the idea behind the lies. Now, this is why we put our insight. ‘Lies’ is a critical commentary upon human nature, of what we are and how we live. Lies make Pinocchio more human; he grows. If lies make Pinocchio more lively, why shouldn’t he use them to save the city and maybe the world? So that is why ‘Lies’ is a very important mnemonic to the game. 

Is the game- Lies of P, Gothic?

The setup of the game looks very red, soul-like, dark, gloomy, startling, and engaging at the same time, and all in a good way, and that’s ironic to the original scheme of how we have known the guy (well, basically a doll). So, it is not much accurate to say that it is gothic, by definition. However, when it comes to the holistic feels, it surely gives off a similar vibe. 

Story of Lie of P?

Well, we couldn’t be revealing that even if we knew beforehand somehow, but from whatever there is to know, we can provide you with subtle ideas. So it’s preferable if you skip this part, although it is not in any way a spoiler. As the teaser represents, the setup of the game is somewhere in the city of Krat, which looks destroyed. It is safe to assume that humans have destroyed their world. But if not that, it could be a natural apocalypse, and thus someone has to live. Why not dolls? P as you is a doll, who must know the deeds and reverse the damage, but he has to find Gupetto- the doll’s creator. On his way, he has to fight giant robot-like dolls, mechanical and bloody? It’s just a game with extravaganza graphics. 

Lies Of P Release Date, Expectations And Everything We Know So Far

When Will Lies of P Release?

The date is not out yet. So, we have to wait still, for a few more months, to have an exact date. But preferably, the game will release around the February of 2023, and this is not an official statement. 

So, how do you feel about the game? We hope you got to know about the lies of p release date, expectations, and everything we know so far. If you have some more thoughts in mind, please feel free to share them with us. 


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