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Remaster of Call of Duty 2 Looks Gorgeous!

Almost everyone forgot about Call Of Duty 2 with all the hype pushed towards Call Of Duty’s Infinite Warfare. We have some months to spare before the actual release of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Here are some screens for you to drool on.

It’s amazing how much work was done on this game. The Modder who created this mod urges his feelings about how the graphics lacked severely when he revisited the game 12 years later. Its amazing to see such enthusiasm for such an old game. He states his return to this game was for its gameplay. He’s not alone devouring the amazing gameplay. You could also apply the mods to your copy of Call Of Duty 2 since he has freely shared his mod on ModDB.

Giving the game a closer look it shows that the modder has enhanced the game’s lighting effects and implemented some color tuning to the game. If you also want to try out the classic Call of Duty 2 with this amazing mod, you could download the mod from here. All credits go to TemplarGFX, the uploader of the Mod.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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