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“Trojan Horse” Tactic Helps Marines To Fool And Get Rid Of AI-Controlled Enemy Robots.

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Marines have been using a tactic from the Metal Gear Solid video game series to trick AI-controlled robots into thinking they are friendly targets. The tactic, known as the “Trojan Horse”, involves putting a piece of friendly hardware close to the enemy robot, which the AI then mistakes for one of its own.

Once the robot is close enough, the Marines can then attack it with impunity. So far, the tactic has been used successfully against several different types of robots, including those used by the US military. It is not clear how long it will continue to work, but it is certainly proving effective in the short term.

In the video game Metal Gear Solid, the protagonist Solid Snake uses a trick to defeat an AI-controlled robot. He lures the robot into a trap by hiding under a cardboard box and then attacks it when it comes close. It turns out that Marines are using the same tactic to trick AI-controlled robots in real life.

In a recent training exercise, Marines set up a hidden camera and used a cardboard box to lure an AI-controlled robot toward them. When the robot came close, they attacked it with paintballs. The Marines say that this tactic is effective because the robots are programmed to identify and investigate anything that looks out of place.

By hiding under a cardboard box, the Marines can avoid being detected by the robots until it’s too late.

Marines from the United States Marine Corps have been using a tactic from the video game Metal Gear Solid to trick AI-controlled robot sentries. The tactic, known as the ” cardboard box trick,” involves one Marine hiding inside a cardboard box while another Marine distracts the sentry robot by firing a blank gun or throwing a rock.

The sentry robot will then investigate the noise made by the Marine, allowing the Marine in the box to get close enough to disable it. This tactic was first used during training exercises at the Marine Corps Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California.

It has since been used in combat situations, such as in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan, Marines have used the cardboard box trick to disable roadside bombs that are controlled by sentry robots. In Iraq, they have used it to disable enemy drones that are controlled by AI.

The use of the Metal Gear Solid tactic by Marines highlights the growing role that AI is playing in modern warfare. It also shows how video games can sometimes be used to train soldiers for real-world combat situations.

The latest Metal Gear Solid game has been out for a while now, and its popularity among gamers is still going strong. The game’s developers continue to support it with regular updates, adding new content and features to keep players engaged. One of the most recent additions is the inclusion of new tactics and technologies used by Marines in the game.

This new edition allows players to learn about and experiment with different ways to approach combat situations.

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