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Wanted Dead : A New Slasher/Shooter Game Trailer, Characters Plot, Story Line And Much More.

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Dead has released a detailed teaser trailer focusing on its slick finisher moves that many expect will be used to great effect in future footage for this game’s main story. This is not your average Hitman, especially if you consider Agent 47 or any other assassin who takes down targets from over a mile away with no need for close combat.

It seems as though some form of an airborne move can only be applied through helicopters and planes here, which may take a while for fans to get accustomed to. But what the trailer reveals about these characters is how fun they are as individuals. They have their interests and goals to look out for, which means they have something worth working towards to feel like they belong and make themselves better human beings.

You can tell that Dead wants us all to enjoy more video games without having to worry too much about them hurting our feelings during gameplay. There’s even some playful banter at one point between the two characters, but it doesn’t seem like a serious relationship to me.

However, seeing that there’s still lots to explore within this world does make the trailers a little bit less exciting. We know we need more time after our first game, and yet I find myself wondering if we want to spend so much time developing new ideas for content. And yet another reason to invest in the title is that we were also promised a sequel, meaning the current series won’t end until 2022.

That is enough to keep most gamers invested in the franchise, but with so many questions left unanswered from the game’s recent reveal trailer, including its narrative, we need answers for those lingering thoughts. With such uncertainty surrounding the project, Dead gets an opportunity to show off just how varied its core cast is and how far they go as a team.

Not only does the character design reflect that of a Hollywood film, but it also gives players insight into where player expectations are likely to land based on previous releases. Many people had high hopes for Dead after its 2018 release, and it seems like Sony was able to deliver on both sides of their expectations without breaking the fourth wall to ensure the best-looking game possible (no offense, DICE).

The latest update shows off some big moments that promise to bring plenty more detail to the franchise overall, from its iconic location vignettes to its use of different weapons to enhance each scene to make it easy for players to navigate its map.

Although my favorite moment is probably finding clues in the shadows, which feels so satisfying after reading about how hard it is to complete certain missions in its various locations.

While others won’t see all that much due to timing constraints, you won’t be left hanging if you don’t check everything out. One aspect of the game not shown in the upcoming updates is what type of weapon each playable character uses. For instance, Agent 47’s pistol, M16A1, will provide him with plenty of firepowers on his side to deal with enemies in the wild west or wherever he goes.

Meanwhile, Agent 43’s sniper rifle, AKM, is more suited for stealthy or light target shooting. These guns will undoubtedly be vital parts of what makes up your arsenal at every level of play. If you want that extra edge, then it pays to purchase one of either weapon’s versions with enhanced upgrades to put out the fire before you start doing damage.

Those looking for additional tools at all levels of play will enjoy getting access to the DualSense controller, which offers up to six buttons on the right-hand side. The wireless headset supports calls, text messages, and music. Allowing for hands-free interaction is always a major benefit for shooters and would greatly improve immersion.

To be clear, the PlayStation 5 will not officially support cross-platform, meaning PS4 owners will not be receiving updates that include features not exclusive to PC. Still, those interested in owning a system that can easily support multiple platforms should do so.

The developers didn’t explicitly mention whether there would be multiplayer options, but it’s safe to assume they are coming on top of Xbox Series X/S.

And again, nothing is official but rumors suggest they will be joining the mix. Regardless, Dead got itself pretty good and looks to continue expanding upon its predecessor’s success with each subsequent game update through DLC. Unfortunately, given the lack of information about potential plot points, Dead remains somewhat unknown.

Thankfully, fans that want new information before the launch have some time to prepare before the inevitable public reveal. Even if none of the leaked snippets will come true, Dead will surely be a must-play experience like its predecessors. So, hopefully, more details become available soon. Until then, remember all of your friends, because someone is going to die in the next installment.

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