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When Taylor Swift Was Openly Shamed by Ellen DeGeneres on Her Show: “do You Know How Badly This Makes Me Feel?” She Nearly Broke Into Tears

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One of the most well-known talk shows in the past was The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Celebrities were thrilled and delighted to appear with the host. Things were no longer the same for the show or its host after the 2020 controversy, which exposed the hostile workplace mostly on the sets of the show. Following this, many began to notice how the well-known talk show host treated them and made her guests feel uneasy. Taylor Swift is also one of these visitors.

The singer-songwriter has appeared here On Ellen DeGeneres Show numerous times. But the matter has come up again when a 2013 conversation with said pop star leaked online.

The interview reveals how well the American singer was right on the verge of tears when the talk show presenter kept bringing up her ex-partners.

Taylor Swift Neared Tears Due to Ellen DeGeneres

Soon after the release of Red, Taylor Swift made a promotional appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The show’s host was just not interested in discussing her CD or the songs on it, even though she wanted to.

The artist sang music concerning their journey on The Ellen DeGeneres Broadcast in an old clip of Ellen and Zac Efron from the show, which she used to open the talk. She then brought up the Baywatch actor again, requesting Taylor Swift to verify their relationship.

She vehemently refuted the accusation, adding, We didn’t date. DeGeneres began interrogating her as to which music of her latest album was around her ex-boyfriends as she continued to be teased about her relationships. She then instructed her to play that game with some of the guys she loved and some of the people she did not.

I feel so horrible about myself because of this. She said this after the host of the show showed her pictures with various men while she appeared uncomfortable sitting there. Every time I visit up here, you introduce a new dude up there on the display, and it makes me wonder what I hold against as a human being, she said.

Fans Offer Thoughts on the Interview

After the host of the show urged everyone to always be friendly to one another, the interview reappeared. People began criticizing her, saying Ellen had to practice what she preaches before advising others to do so.

People reportedly thought the entire conversation here between the speaker and Taylor Swift was staged when the interview first aired. The interview reappeared, though, and was then accompanied by allegations that perhaps the host is indeed not who she seems. She’s on the brink of crying and everyone is laughing, but Ellen won’t stop, according to a fan.

Swifties joined others in criticizing the host. However, the artist hasn’t commented on the interview.

According to reports, she chose not to speak out about the situation because of her connection with Ellen DeGeneres.

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