Who is Beth Shuey? Is She Currently Married or Dating Someone? Everything We Know About Sean Payton’s Ex-wife

To be the ex-wife of NFL Coach Sean Payton has made Beth Shuey a well-known American personality. She had been born in the United States in 1968 in Morocco, Indiana.

After marrying a former NFL player, Sean Payton, Beth Shuey gained notoriety. After the samples were positive for COVID-19 recently, her ex-husband was becoming a hot issue.

Unfortunately, Beth and Sean’s nearly 20-year marriage ended after the mutually agreeable divorce in 2012. Sean was obligated to pay his ex-wife a six-figure sum as a settlement following the divorce.

She is also the daughter of Joyce Antcliff Shuey and Tom Shuey. As of 2022, now She is reported to be 5’7 tall and is currently 54 years old. She shared a childhood with Debbie Shuey Doyle, her younger sister.

From 1982 through 1986, Shuey studied at North Newton Junior-Senior High School. Beth attended Indiana State University after finishing high school. In 1990, she got graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Jamie McGuire, Beth Shuey’s second husband, and she are having a happy marriage.

Jamie McGuire and Beth Shuey are currently content with their wonderful marriage now. Her husband, Jamie, works for Coldwell Banker Howard Perry & Walston as a real estate broker according to reports. There are also no details regarding how or when they initially met before or how their relationship started.

They got married after a lengthy relationship. According to the couple’s social media, they wed in a private ceremony with just their immediate family and close friends in September 2020. Shuey and her spouse are parents to two kids from a prior relationship. After getting married, she also took on her husband’s last name and changed her online alias to Beth Shuey McGuire.

Sean Payton and Beth Shuey’s first marriage ended in divorce.

Sean Payton, an illustrious coach, was the husband of Beth Shuey. When Sean was employed by Indiana State University as just running backs and wide receivers coach during his time in college, the former couple got acquainted.

Beth Shuey and her ex-spouse.

On July 11, 1992, the pair finally wed after a period of courting. The couple’s first child, a girl called or named Meghan Payton, was born in 1997. Connor Payton, Shuey’s second child, was then born in 2000.

Beth and Sean called it quits then in 2012, after dating for ten years. 2014 lastly saw their divorce. Another well-known ex-wife is Geraldine Khawly, who has been wed to Rohan Marley who is the artist Bob Marley’s son.

How much of Beth Shuey’s wealth do she and her husband split?

The professional background of Beth Shuey is unknown for now. She may be in business because she has a degree in marketing studies. She likely got spousal plus child benefits after her immediate divorce.

With her kids, Beth Shuey.

In addition, she had previously belonged to the organization nonprofit CASA. But by 2022, her estimated net worth will be around $600,000. In addition, everyone is interested in Jamie, who is her current spouse, and his wealth.

Her former, Sean Payton, is a head coach in the US who has a $24 million total net worth. He receives an annual salary of $8 million as per reports. Payton has served as the New Orleans Saints head coach since 2006.

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