Why Do People Call the Police 12? Here’s Why People Use These Terms to Call Cops, Details Here

Which slang do the cops have in your area?

Police officers go by a variety of titles or terms, including five-o, Pigs, cops, buzzkill, five-o, and others. You may be curious like others as to why police are called 12. The slang name 12 is becoming more popular right now. Those who commit crimes or engage in illicit behaviour are usually warned that police officers are approaching by using this moniker. Urban slang has turned the phrase 12—a police radio call code—into a cautionary expression.

The most common slang term for police officers in southern states is 12.

Many ideas offer the history of the term, yet there is no precise explanation for how it became popular.

Because of the radio code 10-12, which indicates that there are people gathered in the area where officers are headed, a large number of individuals in Atlanta refer to police as 12s.

Additionally, it is a rapid technique to let several individuals know when police are approaching.

Why Are Police called or Numbered as 12?

Cops sometimes do refer to as 12 for a variety of reasons. Here are some justifications.


The Drug Enforcement Administration is referred to by the abbreviation DEA. Police officers, particularly narcotics officers, are referred to as cops, which is code for drug enforcement officers.

The phrase police officers coming is most frequently used by drug traffickers to alert their customers or other street vendors. For instance, you can hear the lyrics throw that shit, toss that shit 12 outside” in a Rap song by the Migos. The words indicate that you should throw away the narcotics since there are police or DEA officers outside.

In the 1960s or 1970s television programme, the phrase 12 was first used about a police officer. The programme itself was referred to as Adam-12. It was based on a police drama plot that highlighted the regular operations of the Los Angeles Police Department LAPD. 

The police team from the TV show patrolled Los Angeles streets every day in a police car they called 1-Adam-12. This television programme was the very first tv drama to use police lingo and protocols. They had no idea that their best efforts to demonstrate how the Los Angeles police force operated over the run of the programme, which began in September 1968 and ended in May 1975, would give rise to a slang term. a moniker which would be used to alert criminals so they could flee from law enforcement.

Other Phrases Used Slangly for Police Officers

Law enforcement personnel go by many nicknames in every nation, city, and region. Do not ponder why police are referred to as 12.

The 12 slang is only a moniker, but there are additional slang terms that are offensive. Several nicknames and their origins are shown below.

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