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Why Hogwarts Legacy and Keemstar is in Controversy and Game is the Getting Boycotted by Everyone

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Since the game’s announcement, players have pledged to boycott Hogwarts Legacy because of the currently underway controversies surrounding J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. However, the most recent internet celebrity to enter the competition has surprised some.

Youtuber Keemstar has publicly stated that he will support the boycott of the game, however, given his track record of offensive comments and actions, many who are aware of his involvement in the Hogwarts Legacy debate were taken aback to see him adopt this position.

Fans will be able to live out their fantasies of attending the Wizarding school in Hogwarts Legacy, though many will opt not to. The game might very well follow the player character through their adventures there. Even the most devoted Potter fans are refusing to play the game because of J.K. Rowling’s ongoing attacks on Trans people at large on Twitter. Only time will tell, though, what kind of impact the boycotts would have on the game’s development and sales given that it still has excellent preorder numbers.

Keemstar is an Unexpected Ally

Fans refer to the YouTuber Daniel Keem as Keemstar. He is known primarily for his gossip program DramaAlert, which has hosted numerous controversies well over years.

He has consistently stirred up enough controversy, from his continued use of slurs to his inappropriate remarks about friend YouTuber TotalBiscuit’s cancer diagnosis, that Keemstar shortly declared a planned retirement in 2021, and while later walked this back citing a lack of trust in selecting an appropriate backup host for the series.

To some of those acquainted with the YouTuber, it may seem an understatement to suggest that his decision to support the Trans community startled many.

Despite having said that he supports transgender rights, Keemstar repeatedly made contentious remarks that left many people disappointed with his purported support for the group. However, he can halt Hogwarts Legacy’s record-breaking pre-orders because he is an influential figure with a significant platform.

Keemstar’s modest act of activism may be sufficient to turn off a few of his fans who were currently fence about buying the game, even as the reactions to his tweet revealing his choice included those indicating they intended to reserve the game merely to spite him.

Based on the vociferous opposition to Rowling, Portkey Games probably anticipated this response, even though the bulk within the Trans community as well as its allies have vowed to boycott. Those who have supported Keemstar during his controversy-filled career are unlikely suspects in this type of public scorn.

And given the size of his fanbase, publicly criticizing the game might have the ability to reverse Hogwarts Legacy’s present trend of dominating sales on Xbox and Steam.

Harry Potter fans continue to be excited about the game which enables them to live, learn, and explore the revered halls of Hogwarts School about Witchcraft and Wizardry, even though Rowling’s previously impeccable reputation was irrevocably damaged when she made anti-trans statements in 2019.

Keemstar’s criticism will undoubtedly influence the game’s sales, even if it is unknown whether he was one fan of the show before Rowling tweeted her opinions or even whether he had any intention to purchase it. Uncertainty about the size of that effect will probably persist until the game’s launch.

From February 10 for PS4, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, on April 4 for Xbox One, and on July 25 for Nintendo Switch, Hogwarts Legacy will be available.

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