John Clark Gable is Best Known for His Portrayal of George Bailey in the Beloved Classic, and Many Are Curious About His Lifestyle and Relationship Status.

From film beginnings to acting in dozens of films and dramas around the world, John Clark Gable’s life story has been one full journey. His first steps as an actor were the years he spent with his aunt and uncle during which he showed signs of interest in playing many roles that included acting and being a pilot.

At 18, he appeared as himself on stage play entitled “The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up” and later became well-known when he played lead in silent movies such as The Lost Weekend (1940), Mr. Brooks’ Holiday Vacation (1943) and The Misfit (1944).

By 1944, he had become famous as George Bailey from detective drama series titled Detective Stories and continued portraying different characters until 1950 when he starred in Dr. Seuss and Charlie Chaplin Movies.

He also acted and directed for various television shows including Mystery Mysteries and Star Trek TNG as well as movies like Pleading Child (1944), A Gentleman in Moscow… (1947) and My Love Affair (1948), as well as several children’s titles. In 1959, he won two Emmy awards for outstanding comedy series work.

John Clark Gable married his third wife, actress/writer/producer Elizabeth Taylor, in 1962 who divorced him in 1972. They have three grown-up children. After her divorce, they have been together ever since. She died at age 51 of cancer and depression in 1993.

He remarried in 1997 to actress Jane Krakowski but separated in 2001 and divorced again in 2004. They now live separately apart due to financial problems. He appears in many movie sequels and TV shows like Monk; F.I.T.E.; CSI; Law & Order; Modern Family; ER and NCIS. His film credits include Captain America (1981), Batman Forever; Bad Boys (1985), Shrek2; Alien3; Jurassic Park III: Fallen Kingdom and King Kong (2002), All the Lovers (2004), Where’s Wally? (2005), When Harry Met Sally (2006) and The Last Man (2007).

Gable has written and produced numerous books for young audiences such as I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Billy Elliot by Amy Schumer, The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Theodore Silverstein and How Can You Mend a Broken Heart by Marjorie Johnson.

He has also received honors such as National Actors Guild Award, Gotham Independent Film Festival Award, Hollywood Hall of Fame induction into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, among others. John Clark Gable is also listed among the most admired living actors with TIME magazine naming “Gable one of our generation’s great entertainers.”

Furthermore, UNICEF states, “John Clark Gable holds a special place in my heart as a child actor who inspired me. My mom didn’t think I would be a movie star, but she was right. It was Gable who set some standards for me, especially those who followed him.

John Clark Gable remains, so far, one of the greatest American icons.” He is often recognized for his role as James Dooley in NBC’s hit show Scandal (1997–2008); Gable portrayed Frank Costello in CBS soap opera Days of Our Lives (1994–2003); and J.D. Turner in CBS soap opera Another World (2013–2018). He has also received honorary degrees from University of California Los Angeles and Columbia University.

As we all know, there are no winners in life. We can only wait until it happens to someone else like us at one point. Some people may lose their lives, but the rest will be able to celebrate what they have done and make new memories.

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