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Get to Know George Santo Pietro, the Former Husband of Vanna White, Know the Chemistry

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Sri ragavi newton
Sri ragavi newton
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You have probably noticed that many film credits include the name, George Santo Pietro. He may also be known to some of you as Vanna White’s ex-husband.

Despite being a successful businessman, George lacked widespread notoriety. However, he also received that when he wed Vanna White, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

George is an entrepreneur, restaurateur, and filmmaker who made his money from nothing. His accomplishments as a television and film director are impressive. George Pietro rose to prominence as a business magnate throughout his career.

Early life

On December 12, 1946, George Santa Pietro was born in Beverly Hills, California. His birthday is December twelfth. He is of American nationality and white ethnicity.

The United States is his nationality. Even at a young age, Pietro had a lifelong passion for the film industry.

George decided to take a few classes in cinematography to further his interest in the medium. After that, he had a deeper comprehension of the film industry and the knowledge and skills he needed to succeed in it.

Personal Life

Ex-wife and Children of George Santo Pietro 

George Santo Pietro ex wife Vanna White

In 1990, George Santo Pietro wed Vanna White. He had yet another marriage ahead of him after marrying Vanna. He tied the knot with Linda Evans in 1981.

In 1985, the couple filed for divorce, indicating that their marriage did not last very long. When Linda gave birth to a baby girl in 1882, the couple decided to give her the name Andrea Santo Pietro.

The restaurateur met Vanna White in 1990, fell in love with her, and eventually married her after the first divorce. Vanna made the announcement that she was pregnant on a television program in 1992, not long after they got married.

Sadly, however, she miscarried. On the other hand, Pietro was always by Vanna’s side and gave her a lot of support throughout her life.

The couple never gave up on their desire to have children. In addition, they were blessed with the birth of their son, Niko Santo Pietro, after five years of marriage.

Vanna’s second daughter, Gigi Santo Pietro, was born in 1997, five years before the couple finalized their separation.

They decided to get a divorce on May 12, 2002, after being married for a total of 12 years. The marriage was declared to have ended. It would appear that George Santo Pietro has a hard time keeping long-term relationships going.

In 1990, George wed Vanna White, his second wife, after divorcing his first wife. Divorce had marred his first marriage. The wedding went ahead as planned despite the tragic death of Vanna’s fiance in an airplane crash that same year.

However, no one has been able to satisfactorily answer the question of why George and Vanna decided to get a divorce, despite the fact that they had a perfect marriage and were content with one another.

Second marriage, George Santo Pietro’s relationship status

After George divorced his ex-wife and had two children with her, he started dating TV host Melissa Mascari in 2004. Their relationship lasted for a year, from 2004 to 2005.
On October 8 of that same year, after being separated from Vanna White for three years, the couple remarried, and they have remained married ever since.

In 2007, George and his current wife Melissa became parents to a daughter who was given the name Chiara Santo Pietro after their two-year marriage. Chiara’s birthplace was Italy. He has three children now, two daughters and a son, with this daughter.

Professional Life

When Pietro was hired on as a director, he started from the ground up in the film industry. He began his career in the television industry in the 1990s by working as a camera dolly technician on the show “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

Later, he played the same role in “They Came from Outer Space.”

Pietro was offered a number of other positions within the same department after these two television shows ended.

George was a worker with a lot of talent who was frequently praised for his work.

Employers could rely on him and consider him a trustworthy employee due to the fact that he worked tirelessly.

George Santo Pietro Net worth

Santo’s wealth is impressive at 73 because of his success as a property developer and restaurateur. In 2007, he sold his Pietro Beverly Hills Italian Villa for $50 million.

The 30,000-square-foot house had nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a wine cellar, a volleyball court, a large open pool, a spice and organic farm, and a spice and organic farm. This mansion was sold to him for $23.5 million.

Additionally, in 2010, Pietro paid $22.6 million for Vanna White’s Beverly Hills mansion, which had more than eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and 14,554 square feet on a five-acre lot. The residence had been acquired by the couple in the early 1990s.

While the estate’s market value increased to $47.5 million in 2017, he reportedly charged $150,000 per month to rent it out.

George’s estimated net worth is more than $14 million, according to reliable sources, but his assets are more complicated.

He still managed to amass a sizeable fortune through his Hollywood appearances and restaurant ventures, despite the fact that he could have made significantly more money from his business and agent positions.

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