Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Celebrate the Joyful Arrival of Their Fourth Child, A Momentous Occasion for the Entire Family

Hollywood power couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have announced their latest source of joy: the arrival of their fourth child.

The couple, who have been married since 2012, are notoriously private about their personal lives, but Reynolds took to social media to share the news with his fans.

Posting on Twitter, Reynolds wrote: “We are thrilled to announce that we have welcomed a new bundle of joy into our family. Mother and baby are doing great. So happy.”

The Deadpool star’s tweet was accompanied by a photo of himself, Lively, and their new baby, whose face was obscured by a drawn-on smiley face.

Reynolds’ announcement was met with an outpouring of congratulations from fans and fellow celebrities alike.

The couple, who are already parents to daughters James, Inez, and Betty, have made no secret of their desire to expand their family.

In a 2019 interview with People, Reynolds spoke about the joys of fatherhood, saying: “I love being a girl dad. I have three daughters, which I never in a million years would have imagined.”

Lively has also been vocal about her love for motherhood, telling Marie Claire in 2016: “It’s the happiest time in my life, and it’s also a time of great challenges and vulnerability.”

Despite their busy schedules, the couple has always made their family a top priority.

In fact, Reynolds has been known to bring his daughters to movie sets and press events, even giving them a shout-out during his 2016 Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

The couple’s latest addition is sure to add to the chaos of their already bustling household, but it’s a challenge they’re more than willing to take on.

“It’s a very happy time for all of them,” a source close to the couple told People.

“They are over the moon with the new arrival and are just enjoying this special time as a family.”

While the couple has yet to reveal the sex or name of their newest addition, fans are already speculating about the possibilities.

Some have suggested that the baby’s name might be a nod to Reynolds’ Canadian heritage, while others have speculated that it might be a reference to one of Lively’s iconic roles.

Regardless of what they choose, it’s clear that the newest member of the Reynolds-Lively clan will be welcomed with open arms and plenty of love.

For now, the couple is likely enjoying some much-needed time with their new bundle of joy. visit

But with Reynolds’ highly anticipated film Free Guy set to hit theaters later this year, and Lively currently filming the Netflix thriller The Husband’s Secret, it won’t be long before they’re back in the spotlight.

Until then, fans will just have to wait for the couple’s next Instagram post or public appearance to catch a glimpse of their growing family.

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