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ABC’s “The Messenger” Review: A Quirky and Mysterious Delight

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ABC TV’s adaptation of Markus Zusak’s mystery novel “The Messenger” brings a surreal and offbeat atmosphere to the small screen. The show follows 19-year-old Ed, played by William McKenna, who starts receiving playing cards with mysterious addresses, leading him to solve problems and right wrongs. Initially unsure of the show’s unique vibes, I soon found myself immersed in its idiosyncratic world.

A Quirky Universe:

In this small town setting, there’s a sense that something is amiss. The show masterfully creates an alchemy between the setting and characters. Ed’s character is enigmatic, with hints of a non compos mentis nature, portrayed brilliantly by McKenna. The retro aesthetic and subtle visuality add to the charm of this world, reminiscent of a neo-noir with a laid-back Australian vibe.

Episodic Adventures:

Each episode takes Ed to a different address, where he encounters a range of characters and situations. From an elderly lady mistaking him for someone else to dealing with an abusive husband, Ed navigates these encounters with a mix of charm and awkwardness. The show strikes a balance between comedy and drama, creating a subtly strange and intriguing narrative.

Lean and Uncluttered Storytelling:The Messenger

“The Messenger” excels in its lean and unembellished storytelling. The plot progresses at a good pace, relying on the strength of the story and the talented cast. The directors and screenwriters expertly navigate the blend of comedy and drama, resulting in a captivating viewing experience.

Aesthetic Appeal:

The show’s aesthetics add to its unique flavor. Cinematographer Geoffrey Hall employs faded, timeworn visuals that resemble old photographs, enhancing the show’s nostalgic and slightly musty texture. Moments of interesting visuality, such as floating playing cards, add to the surreal atmosphere.

The Messenger Review Highlights :

  • “The Messenger” on ABC offers a surreal and enigmatic journey for viewers.
  • The series follows 19-year-old Ed, who receives playing cards with mysterious addresses, leading him to solve problems and right wrongs.
  • The show’s idiosyncratic rhythms and off-kilter setting create a captivating and dreamlike atmosphere.
  • Each episode takes Ed on a new adventure, ranging from intergenerational connections to encounters with abusive individuals.
  • “The Messenger” strikes a delicate balance between comedy and drama, keeping audiences engaged and intrigued.
  • The storytelling is lean and uncluttered, allowing the strength of the story and the cast to shine through.
  • The aesthetic appeal of the show includes faded visuals, a retro flair, and moments of surrealism.
  • With a unique blend of nostalgia and wonder, “The Messenger” offers a visual feast for viewers.
  • Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the quirkiness of “The Messenger” on ABC and experience its captivating mysteries.


“The Messenger” on ABC delivers a captivating and quirky viewing experience. With its offbeat vibes, compelling characters, and lean storytelling, the show stands out in the realm of small-town stories. Embracing its Australian charm, this series offers a delightful blend of mystery, humor, and drama.

“The Messenger” airs on ABC and ABC iView on Sundays at 8:20 PM.


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