Benedetta Caretta and Hauser: Inside the Romance of the Talented Musician Duo – Latest Updates on Their Relationship

Stjepan Hauser, a part of the Croatian band 2CELLOS, is deeply in love with Benedetta Caretta, who is a stunning woman. The two frequently appeared singing cover songs together on social media.

His engagement with Jelena Rozga ended unexpectedly, and shortly after, he started dating Caretta. He didn’t spend any time re-entering the dating scene and beginning a romance with the Italian singer.

Stjepan Hauser has a new girlfriend according to rumors

Following their breakup from their previous engagement with Jelena Rozga, Hauser started seeing Italian beauty Benedetta Caretta. The cellist has sung countless duets with his new lover, who is also a singer. The two have been spotted releasing duet videos on their individual Instagram profiles ever since they started dating.

In August 2020, Caretta shared a duet video of the cello player and her playing a lovely rendition of the song Something Stupid. Sitting on her boyfriend’s lap, Caretta sang in her beautiful voice while he ardently tried to emulate her energy in the video.

The musical couple posted several duets, including the one from August 2020. The videos are accessible on Hauser’s Instagram page. Including his Channel on youtube and hosting some of them.

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On April 17, 2021, Hauser, 34, and his partner Caretta gave a duet rendition of Endless Love. The footage was posted by Caretta on her Instagram. These facts suggest that Hauser moved on fast from Rozga after their divorce.

Stjepan Hauser is hitched.

Even though Hauser now posts images of his current girlfriend Caretta on Instagram, he was once deeply in love with Jelena Rozga, another Croatian singer. After they first met in the summer of 2015, Hauser engaged to the Croatian singer in 2016.

Their love flourished even though they were both very busy with their schedules and frequent travel. Rozga and her fiancé lived in an apartment Hauser had bought in the heart of Zagreb after getting engaged.

The musical couple gave off the impression of being so deeply in love that some people even suspected their union was a publicity stunt. They appeared to be quite committed to one another, even though Rozga did not say because she would be his wife.

The singer, 38, added that she thought of first loves. However, these two lovers’ relationship did not last, and they decided to part ways in 2017. Their split’s cause has not been made public.

Is Hauser the husband of Benedetta Caretta?

The cellist doesn’t seem like the kind to give up on a relationship. In March 2021, Hauser was tying the knot for a second time, according to his Instagram tales as reported by The Focus. Fair enough, Hauser hasn’t made a formal declaration, but the picture of him knelt and putting a ring on his girlfriend’s left ring finger says it all. When will Hauser and Benedetta Caretta get married? We don’t know.

FAQ ( Friendly Asked Questions ): 

Q:1 Who are Benedetta Caretta and Hauser?

A: Benedetta Caretta is an Italian singer who gained international fame after appearing on the talent show “The Voice of Italy” in 2014. Hauser, whose full name is Stjepan Hauser, is a Croatian cellist who is known for being one-half of the popular classical music duo, 2Cellos.

Q:2 Are Benedetta Caretta and Hauser married?

A: As of March 2023, there is no official confirmation that Benedetta Caretta and Hauser are married. However, the couple has been in a romantic relationship since 2020.

Q:3 What happened to Benedetta Caretta and Hauser’s relationship?

A: As far as the public knows, Benedetta Caretta and Hauser’s relationship is still ongoing. The couple frequently shares photos and videos of each other on social media, indicating that they are still very much in love.

Q:4 How did Benedetta Caretta and Hauser meet?

A: The exact details of how Benedetta Caretta and Hauser met are not publicly known. However, it is believed that the couple first met while collaborating on a musical project.

Q:5 Are Benedetta Caretta and Hauser still dating?

A: Yes, as of March 2023, Benedetta Caretta and Hauser are still in a romantic relationship. They often share updates about their relationship on social media, including photos and videos of themselves together.

Q:6 Have Benedetta Caretta and Hauser performed together?

A: Yes, Benedetta Caretta and Hauser have performed together on multiple occasions. They have collaborated on several musical projects, including covers of popular songs and original compositions.

Q:7 What is the reaction of fans to Benedetta Caretta and Hauser’s relationship?

A: The reaction of fans to Benedetta Caretta and Hauser’s relationship has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans often express their love and support for the couple on social media, and many have even created fan pages dedicated to them.

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