Find Out Who Will Be the Next CEO of Waystar Royco in Succession’s Final Season

Say Goodbye to “Succession”: Season 4 Is the Last

The beloved dark comedic drama that follows the media dynasty known as the Roys as they jostle for position in their media empire Waystar Royco is coming to an end. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the show’s final season, including the cast, characters, and the ending, without spoiling anything.

Succession’s Last Season Confirmed

HBO’s head of drama has confirmed that Succession’s fourth season is its last. There will be no more spin-off series, so say goodbye to this dysfunctional family in the media industry.

Series Creator Jesse Armstrong on the End

Creator Jesse Armstrong revealed that they considered multiple options for the show’s conclusion, but the one they settled on was surprising.

Matthew Macfadyen Opens Up About the Ending

Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Tom Wambsgans in the show, admitted that the ending was “awful” to say goodbye to, but he believes that it works.

Plot of the Final Episode

The final episode concerns the GoJo acquisition deal, which determines if Lukas Matsson will purchase Waystar Royco. Shiv Roy aligns herself with Matsson, while Kendall Roy has a plan of his own. Other faces back this season, including Roman Roy and the siblings’ mother, Lady Caroline Collingwood.

Succession Season 4 Cast

Here’s the full list of actors and their respective characters in Succession’s final season:

Logan Roy

Played by Brian Cox

Kendall Roy

Played by Jeremy Strong

Siobhan “Shiv” Roy

Played by Sarah Snook

Roman Roy

Played by Kieran Culkin

Connor Roy

Played by Alan Ruck

Tom Wambsgans

Played by Matthew Macfadyen

Gregory “Greg” Hirsch

Played by Nicholas Braun

Gerri Kellman

Played by J. Smith-Cameron

Frank Vernon

Played by Peter Friedman

Karl Muller

Played by David Rasche

Lukas Matsson

Played by Alexander Skarsgård

Hugo Baker

Played by Fisher Stevens

Karolina Novotney

Played by Dagmara Domińczyk

Willa Ferreyra

Played by Justine Lupe

Kerry Castellabate

Played by Zoë Winters

The Contenders for Waystar CEO

Following Logan’s death, the heirs apparent to Waystar Royco are vying for the CEO role.

Kendall Is a Front-Runner

Kendall is Logan’s first son, and it seems that his father had intended him to be his successor. However, Kendall has betrayed Logan before, which doesn’t bode well for his candidacy. In the end, Logan seems to have named Kendall as his successor, but it’s not clear if anyone else knows about it.

Roman Needs to Prove Himself

Roman is Logan’s second son and has a history of not taking his responsibilities seriously. Although he has united with his siblings in the third season, he still needs to prove himself before he can be considered for the CEO role.

Shiv Is a Dark Horse

Shiv has shown herself to be a competent strategist and has aligned herself with Lukas Matsson, which may give her an advantage.

Succession Trivia: Easter Eggs and Fun Facts

Succession is a rich show that rewards fans who pay attention to its details. Here are some Easter eggs and fun facts to watch for:

References to Shakespeare

Creator Jesse Armstrong has said that Shakespeare heavily influenced Succession. References to the bard can be found throughout the show, from character names to scenes that deliberately mimic Shakespearean dialogue.

Tom Wambsgans’ Existential Crisis

Tom’s last name, Wambsgans, is a play on the German word “wams” meaning “sorrow.” This foreshadows his existential crisis, which comes to a head in the final season.

Greg Hirsch’s Inheritance

Greg’s grandfather was a Holocaust survivor who left him a large inheritance. This adds depth to Greg’s character and makes his conflict with the Roys more complex.

Romain’s Nickname

Romain’s nickname, “Romulus,” is a nod to the founder of Rome. This reflects his ambition to rise to the top of Waystar Royco.


Succession is a critically acclaimed show that has captured audiences’ attention with its sharp writing, complex characters, and dark comedy. Although the final season is bittersweet for fans, they can rest assured that the show is going out on a high note.


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