Horror on Interstate 5! Deadly Multiple-Vehicle Crash Shuts Down Freeway for Hours

A tragic incident unfolded on Thursday afternoon, May 18, resulting in a multiple-vehicle crash on northbound Interstate 5. As a result, at least three individuals have lost their lives. The Oregon Department of Transportation issued a news release at approximately 2:40 p.m., stating that the northbound freeway would remain closed for several hours at milepost 241 due to the crash. Subsequently, another release announced the implementation of a detour, redirecting vehicles via Exit 238 onto Jefferson Highway to accommodate the afternoon rush hour. Travelers should anticipate delays as a consequence.

In response to the incident, the Oregon State Police (OSP) has taken immediate action. Crash reconstruction teams have been deployed to the scene, where they will work diligently to investigate and reconstruct the accident. In light of this, the shoulder of the freeway will be cordoned off, and the area will be treated as a crime scene.

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Tragically, multiple deceased individuals were discovered in a nearby field, prompting OSP troopers to meticulously comb through the area. The Marion County Medical Examiner has also arrived at the scene to provide necessary expertise and support.


1. How many fatalities occurred in the multiple-vehicle crash on Interstate 5?

At least three individuals lost their lives in the tragic accident on northbound Interstate 5.

2. How long will the northbound freeway remain closed?

The Oregon Department of Transportation anticipates that the northbound freeway closure at milepost 241 will last for several hours. Please be prepared for possible delays.

3. What alternate route is available for drivers during the closure?

A detour has been established via Exit 238 onto Jefferson Highway, allowing vehicles to bypass the closed section of the northbound freeway. This detour has been implemented to accommodate the afternoon rush hour.

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4. Why is the shoulder of the freeway closed off?

The shoulder of the freeway has been closed to facilitate the work of crash reconstruction teams. Their investigation and reconstruction efforts are essential in understanding the circumstances surrounding the accident.

5. Are there any indications of criminal activity in relation to the crash?

As a precautionary measure, the area of the crash is being treated as a crime scene by the authorities. The Oregon State Police are diligently investigating the incident to determine the cause and any contributing factors.

Please exercise caution and patience when traveling in the area, and follow the instructions provided by law enforcement and transportation officials.


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