How To Make a Video When on Game Pass

Video games are a popular leisure activity across all ages. Children and adults alike enjoy streaming popular games such as arcade and console on a variety of platforms. And with Xbox Game Pass, you can have access to hundreds of premiere video games anytime and anywhere you’re connected to the internet.

Certainly, you don’t want to keep the fun all by yourself at all times. If you’re a video blogger or streamer looking for a way to record a video while on Game Pass, this article is right for you. You will learn how to use the webcam recorder feature of Wave.Video online editor for your streaming endeavors.

What is a Webcam Recorder?

If your goal is to record your gameplay when on game pass, then the webcam recorder is the right tool for you. This feature is available and free to use online. It allows you to make a video out of your screen even when you’re on-game or on a video call session. Recording with lets you capture the moment happening on your screen, including your video and audio.

How to Use Wave.Video For Recording

Are you ready to start recording your video game stream? Follow the steps below to begin producing a high-quality video with Wave.

  1. Choose a Layout

Before you can start, you must select the layout for your video recording first. You can choose to record just the screen and everything that is happening on it with your voice-over. You can also record yourself through the camera. Or perhaps you would want your screen to be visible side by side with the camera recording of yourself.

Choosing the right video layout depends on your needs and preferences, so you must pick the best one that matches your goals. Since you want to capture your gameplay when on game pass, the first and third options are advantageous for you. With this layout, you share with your audience what’s happening as you stream and play video games.

  1. Press Record

It’s time to start recording when all is set. Simply click the red Record button to begin your webcam recording projecting. Keep in mind that you must allow the online application to access your microphone and camera to continue.

  1. Edit Your Video

Post-production is crucial to ensure the quality and appeal of your video recording. It’s impossible not to need any trimming and fine tuning for your video as there are surely parts you want to cut out and remove. Fortunately, has all the tools you will need to make your video look professional and agreeable. From video trimmer up to adding stickers, audio, and narration, the free video editor has them all.

  1. Save and Share Your Video Recording

After editing your webcam recording, you can finally save and publish your work. Click the publish button and render your video. After which, you can embed your video and share it to external websites such as Facebook, Instagram, or your blog site.

Video Editing Tools on Wave.Video

Primarily a video maker, provides users with an array of awesome tools for video production and post-production. The software is available online for free, so as long as you have a stable internet connection, you can create video projects like short-form video content and access the generous features of

Below are some of the finetuning you can do to your video.

  • Merge Video Clips

Putting a number of videos and images into one video is not a problem with the video merger tool. You can select as many files as you want and arrange them to your desired order. If you need to reposition clips, simply select and drag them to the right place and the correct order will be restored.

  • Crop Videos

Are there too much blank space or unnecessary areas in your video? It’s time to use Wave’s video cropper and cut these unwanted spaces out. Cropping your video will allow you to highlight the most important parts of your video and resize your video.

  • Add Audio and Voice Recording

You can add special sound effects, background music, or voice narration to your video. Overlapping audio tracks strategically will produce a richer audio that will provide better viewing experience for the audience. The online editor also has a feature that allows you to record voice-over on the spot. Click anywhere on the audio track to start recording a narration for your project.

  • Insert Text and Stickers

There are many ways you can make your video more fun and interesting. Many video content creators turn to incorporating texts and overlay stickers, GIFs, and frames to make this happen. Texts allow you to emphasize words or phrases that you want to stick with your audience. Stickers, on the other hand, embellish and add color to your video to prevent it from looking dull and too serious.

  • Generate Subtitles

If you recorded yourself narrating when on game pass, adding subtitles in your video will help viewers understand your commentary. The simultaneous game sound effects, background noise, and narration can be quite confusing. Thus, creating subtitles for viewers’ guidance is advantageous. You can manually input the subtitles, auto-generate one, or translate the audio into a different language.

  •  Adjust Video Timing

Speed up or slow down parts of your video with’s editing tool. Adjust the speed according to your need to make your video more dynamic and stimulating

  • Transform into GIF

Wave’s GIF maker allows you to transform snippets of your video into a GIF. GIFs are usually looped animated images without the sound. Saving your video as GIF lets you share your video creation as memes, teasers, or animated graphics on messaging apps and social media sites.

Professional Video Recorder and Editor is indeed an all-in-one video maker. The software lets you produce videos instantly by recording, uploading, or selecting from its extensive stock library. You can also utilize for modifying and enhancing your video. Whenever you’re ready to start a video creation, visit and explore the many templates and tools you can use for your project.


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