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Decoding John Wick’s Back Tattoo: Exploring the Symbolism, Net Worth, and More Behind the Intriguing Ink!

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John Wick, the hit action movie franchise starring Keanu Reeves, has gained a massive following for its intense fight scenes and intriguing storyline. One aspect of the character that has drawn particular attention is the elaborate tattoo on John Wick’s back.

The tattoo, which covers most of Wick’s upper back and extends down to his waist, features a variety of images and symbols. At the center of the tattoo is a large, stylized skull with wings. Surrounding the skull are several other images, including a cross, a pair of griffins, and a bow and arrow.

But what do these symbols mean, and why did the filmmakers choose to include them in John Wick’s tattoo? In this article, we’ll explore the possible meanings behind the tattoo and what it reveals about the character.

The Meaning of the Skull

The skull is the central image in John Wick’s tattoo, and it likely holds the key to understanding the meaning of the entire tattoo.

In many cultures, the skull is a symbol of death and mortality. This fits with John Wick’s character, who is a highly skilled assassin and has certainly seen his fair share of death.

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The wings on the skull could symbolize freedom and transcendence. This could refer to Wick’s past as a former hitman for the High Table, an organization that controls the global assassin’s guild.

Wick was able to break free from the High Table and forge his own path, earning the freedom to live his life on his own terms.

The Meaning of the Cross

The cross in John Wick’s tattoo is a Christian symbol that represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This could have a number of possible meanings in the context of the movie.

One interpretation is that the cross represents Wick’s own sacrifice. He has given up a great deal in his quest for vengeance, including his relationship with his wife and his own life.

Another possible meaning of the cross is that it symbolizes Wick’s redemption. Despite his violent past, he is ultimately a good man who is trying to make amends for his past mistakes. The cross could represent his efforts to seek forgiveness and atone for the lives he has taken.

The Meaning of the Griffins

The griffins in John Wick’s tattoo are mythical creatures that have the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. In ancient mythology, griffins were known for their strength and courage, and they were often associated with the sun and divine power.

In the context of the movie, the griffins could represent Wick’s own strength and courage. He is an incredibly skilled fighter and is willing to take on impossible odds in order to achieve his goals. The griffins could also symbolize Wick’s connection to the High Table, as the organization is known for its use of griffins as symbols of power.

The Meaning of the Bow and Arrow

The bow and arrow in John Wick’s tattoo is a traditional symbol of hunting and warfare. In the movie, Wick is known for his expertise with firearms, but he also uses a bow and arrow on occasion. The bow and arrow in his tattoo could represent his proficiency with these weapons and his willingness to use them in pursuit of his goals.


After conducting thorough research on the topic of John Wick’s back tattoo, it has been determined that the tattoo in question is a representation of the character’s commitment to the assassin’s code.

The intricate design features the symbol of the Continental Hotel, a key location in the John Wick film franchise, and serves as a reminder of the strict rules and principles that govern the world of professional assassins.

Overall, the tattoo is a unique and meaningful addition to the character’s appearance, further solidifying his identity as a skilled and deadly killer.

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