New Rainbow Six Siege season to introduce game-changing Operator and gadget – Check it out!

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Dread Factor Details Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new season called Operation Dread Factor, and Ubisoft has recently shared the details of its release date, new operator, Fenrir, and other exciting features. This article will go through everything you need to know about Operation Dread Factor.

Release Date: May 30, 2023

The much-anticipated Operation Dread Factor will be available starting from May 30, 2023. The release is right around the corner, and players are eager to check out all the new features!

New Operator Fenrir


The new defender Operator, Fenrir, hails from Sweden and pours his focus on stopping enemy information gathering. Fenrir comes with a new gadget, the F-NATT Dread Mine, which unleashes a gas that temporarily limits the field of vision of anyone but Fenrir. Essentially, to opponents, it will seem as though they are surrounded by a smokescreen, which allows Defenders to freely move about without fear of being shot, heard, or seen. Fenrir has a total of five mines, but only three of them can be activated at any one time. His loadout includes the MP7 SMG or the SASG-12 shotgun as the primary weapon and the Bailiff 410 and the option of bringing either the Bulletproof Camera or Barbed wire as secondary gadgets.

F-NATT Dread Mine

The F-NATT Dread Mine is the unique gadget that Fenrir is bringing to Operation Dread Factor. It is a mine that releases a gas that seriously limits enemy vision. This gadget can be used to slow down enemies by forcing them to move more cautiously. The ability to remotely activate and deactivate the mines proves to be quite an impressive feature of this gadget, as it makes it easier to catch the enemy off-guard. It’s important to note that when the creature is activated, it loses its bulletproof durability and can be destroyed by explosions.

New Defender Gadget: Observation Blocker

The Observation Blocker is the new gadget that Defenders can use in Operation Dread Factor. Its primary function is to block drone and observation tool line of sight. It works by effectively creating a wall that observation tools cannot bypass. In essence, this gadget is here to make it harder for attackers to gather information.

Map Rework: Consulate

The Overview Map Rework affects the consulate and changes all floors and sites. The objective is to create a more balanced, complex, and rewarding gaming experience that’s different from what you’re used to before. The rework will include providing greater safety for spawning Attackers. It will allow Attackers to gain easier access to the site, making it less challenging for them to advance.

Shooting Range Updates

The Shooting Range has undergone some major updates, including introducing a new Aiming Lane that enables players to enhance their training experience. You can customize your training by choosing different target types, target movement speeds, different distances, and more. A Breakable Wall also concludes this shooting range session, allowing players to test the destruction damages caused by different weapons.

Balance Changes for Operator Grim

The balance changes for Grim aim to improve its gadget by releasing their swarms faster and increasing the chance of them nabbing nearby Defenders. Additionally, these swarms are made even more significant and prolonged. Unfortunately, once removed from the swarm’s radius, its track will not last long. These balances are meant to improve its effectiveness in the field.

Additional Changes: Free Camera in Match Replay and Permanent Arcade Playlist

There are other notable changes that Operation Dread Factor is bringing with it. A new Free Camera in Match Replay lets players use a free camera while playing replays to give players a variety of angles to view the game. Ubisoft also added alternate inputs for shooting, crouching, and leaning. In addition, a Permanent Arcade Playlist will give all players the chance to play fun game modes like Golden Gun, Headshots Only, Team Deathmatch, and much more.


Operation Dread Factor is set to launch soon, and it’s sure to take the gaming world by storm. Whether it’s playing as the new operator Fenrir, using the Observation Blocker, or playing in Permanent Arcade Playlist, there is something for everyone, and we can’t wait to dive in!


When will Operation Dread Factor be released?

May 30th, 2023

What is Fenrir’s primary gadget?

Fenrir’s primary gadget is the F-NATT Dread Mine.

What is the primary function of the Observation Blocker?

The Observation Blocker is designed to block drone and observation tool line of sight.

What changes did Ubisoft make to Operator Grim?

Ubisoft has made some changes to Grim’s swarms to ensure that they are released faster and increase their chance of nabbing nearby Defenders.

What updates have been made to the Shooting Range?

The Shooting Range has introduced a new Aiming Lane that enables players to customize their training with different target types, target movement speeds, different distances, and more.


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