New Rainbow Six Siege Update Brings Exciting Changes: Operation Dread Factor Revealed!

Operation Dread Factor: Ubisoft Reveals Detailed Information on the Latest Content Update for Rainbow Six Siege

Sneak Peek: Operation Dread Factor Overview

Ubisoft has released the details of the latest content update for the popular game Rainbow Six Siege. Dubbed Operation Dread Factor, the update will be released on May 30, 2023, and will introduce the new Defense Operator Fenrir. The update brings with it a map rework, a new gadget, and various other changes, including improvements to the shooting range, controller layouts, and permanent arcade playlists and includes balance changes for Grim.

Operator Fenrir: What to Expect

Fenrir is a new tactical Defense Operator from Sweden with 2 Health and 2 Speed. His specialty is cutting off the enemy’s information. He has five F-NATT Dread Mines, which can be activated and deactivated remotely and release a fear-effect gas that temporarily limits the attacker’s field of view, preventing them from seeing past the gas. Fenrir’s gadget makes it easier for Defenders to approach attackers without fear of being seen, heard, or shot.

Loadout Options

Fenrir has an MP7 SMG or SASG-12 shotgun as primary options, and his secondary weapon is the Bailiff 410. He can bring either barbed wire or a bulletproof camera as a secondary gadget.

New Gadget: Observation Blocker

The new gadget, Observation Blocker, has been added as a secondary gadget option for Defenders. It is an electronic device that creates a digital barrier that blocks vision from any observation tool, including drones and cameras. Attackers must find their way to the other side of the barrier to see anything. The gadget can be used to hide information about the operator, selected defenses, and helps to force Attackers to take more risks.

Map Rework: Consulate

The map rework transforms all floors and sites of the Consulate and makes matches on the map more balanced, complex, and rewarding. The update increases the safety of spawning Attackers, which now allows them to get to the building safely without getting shot.

Other Changes

The update includes numerous other changes to the game, such as new controller layouts, a Free Camera in Match Replay, and an alternate input for shooting, crouching, and leaning. Squad members can inform their Squad leader when they are ready to play, the Shooting Range has been improved and new arcade playlists have been added.

Balance Changes for Grim

The update brings excellent news for Grim, as it aims to improve his gadget. The first part of balance changes for Grim will allow his Hives to release their swarms faster, increase the chance of it catching nearby Defenders, and last longer. These swarms are also larger but track the Defender for a shorter time.


Operation Dread Factor introduces numerous changes to the game, including new operators and gadgets, balance changes to existing operators and gadgets, reworks of maps, and quality of life improvements such as aiming lanes in the Shooting Range and new controller layouts. The update will also bring back some of the more popular arcade playlists, allowing gamers to enjoy an even more fun and immersive gaming experience.


1. When will Operation Dread Factor be released?

The Operation Dread Factor update will be released on May 30, 2023, during the Memorial Day weekend.

2. Is Operation Call Me Dread Factor expensive?

No, Operation Dread Factor is free to all Rainbow Six Siege players on all platforms.

3. What is the new gadget, Observation Blocker?

The Observation Blocker is a new secondary gadget available exclusively to Defenders. Once activated, it creates a digital barrier that blocks vision from observation tools, so operators or gadgets cannot be spotted through it.

4. Will the update include new maps and game modes?

No, the Operation Dread Factor update will not add new maps or game modes but will introduce a rework of the Consulate map.

5. Can gamers switch between arcade playlists?

Yes, gamers can switch between arcade playlists as per their interest, allowing them to enjoy an even more fun and engaging Rainbow Six Siege gaming experience.


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