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Unraveling the Mystery: The Motive Behind Randell Vidrine’s Fatal Stabbing of Tulane University Student Ken Gutzeit

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The Shocking Murder That Influenced the “Worst Roommate Ever’s” Life

Jamison Bachman saw a murder in 1976 while attending Tulane University, and it would forever alter him.

When a bitter dispute on Tulane’s Fraternity Row culminated in a horrific murder, the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, was shocked. Tulane University student Ken Gutzeit was fatally stabbed in front of his friends while he was eating dinner at the Sigma Chi fraternity house.

The final two episodes of the brand-new Netflix series “Worse Roommate Ever” cover the Jamison Bachman case. Bachman was a cunning would-be lawyer who deceived people into letting him reside with them and then used his understanding of tenancy law to make their lives miserable by refusing to leave.

Then why did he choose a life of cruelty and torturing others?

Bachman witnessed a particularly brutal murder when he was a young man, and some say the ordeal had an impact on him for the rest of his life.

Several members of the Sigma Chi fraternity on Tulane’s fraternity row were reportedly eating dinner in their dining room on a Saturday night in January 1976, according to a report from The Shreveport Times at the time.

Ken Gutzeit, a high school friend of Bachman’s, was violently stabbed in front of everyone while he and Bachman, a student at the time, were eating dinner at the fraternity house.

25 students had gathered at the residence, according to The Shreveport Times, where Gutzeit was stabbed by Randell Vidrine, 25, leaving Gutzeit stumbling on the porch as his fraternity brothers tried to stop the blood. The local coroner determined that Gutzeit’s carotid artery was severed when he was stabbed in the side of the neck.

As Vidrine, a part-time student worked as an assistant in the Tulane Library, the argument started over the rules regarding eating there.

Bachman Pd., Jamison

Just a few months earlier, Gutzeit had entered the Tulane library while munching on a bag of cheese snacks. Vidrine had then asked him to stop or leave the building, which had sparked the beginning of their long-running dispute. Vidrine had to call the campus police to remove Gutzeit when he returned to the dining area to finish his second meal but refused to leave.

Vidrine saw Gutzeit that January evening as he was returning to his apartment and, according to an article in The Times, Gutzeit tried to start a fight after noticing Vidrine.

As soon as Vidrine entered his apartment, he took out a jackknife and put it in his pocket. He passed the frat house once more on his way to the library, where he attacked Gutzeit before leaving him to bleed to death on the porch.

In “The Worst Roommate Ever,” Bob F, a character who was a childhood friend of Bachman’s, claims that Bachman appeared to have a promising future. “He had brains. He was a charmer. He remembered, “He was handsome. However, Bachman’s disposition changed after only a short while at Tulane.

Bachman told Bob F. that night that someone had emerged from the kitchen brandishing a meat cleaver, embellishing some details of the incident when he recalled seeing it.

Bachman stated unequivocally that his friend had been “decapitated.” Bob F. believed that Bachman’s transformation into a dark and paranoid person resulted from this life-altering event, but he acknowledges in the television series that this trauma did not account for Bachman’s actions.

Bachman continued to be a serial squatter, torturing and defrauding roommates for many years while failing to pay his bills. Being knowledgeable about the rights that tenants have under the law, he managed to stay by refusing to leave and terrorizing people in their own homes. With his roommates, he started acting violently, and he eventually killed his brother.

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