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Yankees Make Shocking Move – Aaron Hicks Designated For Assignment

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Aaron Hicks Designated for Assignment by the New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have designated outfielder Aaron Hicks for assignment, citing his poor offensive production. Hicks, who has dealt with various injuries over the past few years, had openly wondered if a fresh start elsewhere would be best for him. However, the Yankees stood by him throughout the offseason, believing in his potential to turn his career around. But after his first 28 games this season, it was apparent that Hicks was not up to par, leading the Yankees to let him go.

The Natural Conclusion to an Unproductive Career with the Yankees

Yankees Stood By Him, But Couldn’t Trust Him at the Plate

When Hicks wasn’t named the Yankees’ starting left fielder to begin the season, it seemed natural that his time with the team was coming to an end. Hicks had been plagued by injuries over the past few years, and it had taken a toll on his offensive production. Despite this, the Yankees said they believed in Hicks’ potential, but after his performance in the first 28 games of the 2023 season, it was apparent that the Yankees could not trust him at the plate.

Rock Bottom Performance

With a 49 wRC+ this season, Hicks was 51 percent worse than the average MLB hitter. His maximum exit velocity on the year is in the 19th percentile, and his line drive rate (LD%) was an awful 10.4%. He doesn’t have the saving grace of making regular hard contact. To make matters worse, Hicks has been riddled with injuries in recent years, including Tommy John surgery.

Designation for Assignment Unprecedented for Yankees

Rare Move by Yankees Management

The Yankees’ decision to designate Hicks for assignment was a rare move by the team. Despite his lack of production, they had held out hope that something would click for the outfielder. But after a string of poor performances at the plate, the Yankees’ front office finally made the tough call to let him go.

Yankees Paying the Price for letting Hicks Go

Designating Hicks for assignment means the Yankees will have to eat the remaining $20 million on his contract through 2025. However, the Yankees believe that moving on from Hicks will ultimately benefit the team and give them more room to make moves during the upcoming trade deadline.

The Future of Hicks and the Yankees

Ten Days to Trade, Waive, or Assign Hicks to the Minors

After being designated for assignment, Aaron Hicks has ten days to be traded to another team, claimed off the waiver wire or sent to the minors. Many believe that another team will pick Hicks up off waivers. Even though his time with the Yankees has come to an end, Hicks still has the potential to make an impact on any team that picks him up.

Greg Allen Steps in as Hicks’ Replacement

Outfielder Greg Allen will take Hicks’ place on the Yankees roster. Allen was acquired from the Red Sox on Friday, May 26. With a .795 OPS at Boston’s Triple-A Worcester affiliate, Allen also stole 21 bases in 37 games, giving the Yankees another reliable set of legs off the bench. Allen is very much the same player, but nowhere near as expensive.

Brian Cashman Finally Owns His Mistake

For years, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman stood by Aaron Hicks, insisting that the outfielder would turn his career around. But after Hicks’ dismal performance this season, Cashman finally cut ties with the struggling player. By owning up to his mistake, Cashman has shown that he is willing to do whatever it takes to help his team win.


The designation of Aaron Hicks for assignment by the New York Yankees marks the end of an era for the struggling outfielder. While Hicks had made significant contributions to the team over the years, his lack of offensive production eventually cost him his place on the roster. However, Hicks still has the potential to make an impact on any team that picks him up. The Yankees, on the other hand, will move forward with a new outlook and renewed focus on winning.


1. What does it mean to designate a player for assignment?

To designate a player for assignment means that the team removes the player from its 40-man roster to make space for another player. The player is then exposed to waivers, and any team can claim him. If the player clears waivers, he can be traded, sent to the minors, or released.

2. What happens to a player when they are designated for assignment?

When a player is designated for assignment, they are removed from the team’s 40-man roster and are exposed to waivers. If they clear waivers, they can be traded, sent to the minors, or released.

3. What is a wRC+ in baseball?

wRC+ stands for Weighted Runs Created Plus. This statistic tries to measure a player’s total offensive value and adjustments for league and park effects. A wRC+ of 100 is average, while a number above or below 100 indicates that the player is that percentage better or worse than an average MLB hitter.

4. Who is Greg Allen?

Greg Allen is an outfielder who was acquired from the Red Sox by the New York Yankees on Friday, May 20. Allen has spent time in the majors with the Cleveland Indians and San Diego Padres.

5. What is the Yankees’ next step with Aaron Hicks?

With the Yankees designating Hicks for assignment, the team has ten days to trade him, waive him, or assign him to the minors. Many believe that another team will pick Hicks up off waivers.


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