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6 Social Media Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix ‘Em

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In today’s world, social media is an unstoppable force with limitless potential. It can connect people and companies like never before, reaching audiences on a massive scale. And with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us all online, social media has exploded in popularity. A recent survey found that 72% of people spent more time on social media during the pandemic, with 43% even posting more frequently. The possibilities for reaching a vast and engaged audience are truly staggering. Are you ready to seize them?

However, you need to remember that it takes more than simply being present on social networks before developing a successful strategy. Social media marketing may be a powerful tool for your company, but it can backfire and damage your reputation entirely if you don’t handle it properly. The good thing is, we’ve compiled a list of the top six social media blunders businesses make, along with solutions to each of them.

Not Settling on a Clear Plan

Small and local businesses make up a huge chunk of Google and Facebook’s advertising revenue – up to 75%, in fact! But in a world where every social network is saturated with brand messaging, simply creating content won’t cut it. Without a rock-solid social media strategy, your content won’t attract the attention, engagement, and conversions you need to succeed. There are countless factors to consider, from choosing the perfect label creator to add some flair to your ads to using advanced analytics to fine-tune your campaigns and attract more customers. If you’re serious about building a loyal social media following and expanding your business, you need a killer plan.


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Sharing the Same Material on Several Platforms

Cross-posting or publishing the same update on many pages at once might be convenient, but it also runs the risk of making your posts seem sloppy or out of place.

Users have unique behavioral patterns for each platform. The way they interact, respond, and share varies greatly. Users travel from one social network to another to satisfy their specific desires. The majority of LinkedIn users utilize the platform to connect with other professionals, while many Instagrammers say the photo-sharing app is their preferred channel for interacting with businesses.

In general, the structure of each medium varies. Instagram prioritizes visual content and allows for captions as long as 2,200 characters per post, whereas Twitter enforces brevity with just 280 characters for each message. Those who follow you on one service could also follow you on another. While repeating a message over and over might assist in generating outcomes, audiences quickly get tired of hearing the same thing. Instead, you should focus on cross-promotion, which entails developing a consistent brand message that speaks the “language” of each platform.

Having Mediocre Content

An overwhelming majority of internet users tend to cease following a brand’s social media accounts if the company’s content stops being interesting or relevant to them.

The simplest method to keep consumers engaged with your business is to consistently provide content that meets the highest criteria. Even if this may seem obvious, producing content that gets noticed is far more challenging than it first seems.

Having No Idea Who You’re Addressing

Learning who you’re marketing to on social media is the most crucial step a marketer can take. You can’t expect to produce engaging material for your followers until you have a firm grasp on who you’re talking to. You can’t cater to your target market’s concerns if you have no idea what those concerns are. Finding out who you’re writing for is the first step to creating excellent content. Ask yourself these things while you investigate your niche market: what are your audience’s age, location, nationality, race, culture, financial situation, interests, etc.?

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Wearing Out Your Audience by Doing Too Much

People who follow your brand on social media will anticipate frequent communication. Sticking to a consistent publication schedule is crucial if you want your material to get the most attention.

Besides, learn the difference between promoting a brand and being annoyingly promotional on social media. Don’t bombard readers with updates if you want to keep them interested. Also, try not to overload your audience with too frequent posts.

Forgetting That Social Media May Be Used as a Marketing Platform

Aside from promoting your brand and driving traffic to your website, don’t forget that you may also utilize social media for social selling. Try to convert your info posts into selling ones and increase your revenue.


There is no shame in making any of the above errors — we all do them. Social media is just another channel; therefore, it requires effort and ongoing fine-tuning to master. Thinking about these things when planning your marketing strategy for the new year can help you significantly improve your social media performance.


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