Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9: Defeat Mutants, Solve Puzzles!

Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 Guide: How to Access and Complete the Underground Bunker

Are you ready to take on one of the toughest challenges in Atomic Heart? We’re talking about Testing Ground 9, an optional underground lab with a hidden entrance and plenty of crafting components to loot. But be warned—it’s filled with mutants and other hazards that will test your combat skills to the limit!

Where to Find Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9

The first step to accessing Testing Ground 9 is to locate it. The bunker is situated near the Kollektiv Complex, in a group of buildings to the southwest. You’ll need to clear out a bunch of mutants to proceed, so be prepared for a fight.

How to Open the Entrance to Testing Ground 9

Once you’ve found the entrance to the bunker, you’ll need to solve a puzzle to gain access. Look for the room filled with boilers and a locked door. Open the door and you’ll find a box of candles and a pipe. Place the candles in the pipe and light all four boilers to power up the security cameras.

Use the Daisy Security Cameras to Open the Elevator

Now that the security cameras are active, head to the nearby tower and interact with the Volan to gain access to the cameras. Use them to open the elevator next to the statue. Head back down the tower’s elevator, over the water, and toward the statue in the town. You can now enter the elevator and head down into Scientific Testing Ground 9.

Bronze Challenge: How to Complete the First Puzzle

Once you’re inside Testing Ground 9, you’ll encounter a series of challenges that grow progressively tougher. The first puzzle involves using Shok on some polymer on the ground around a spinning light that prompts you to use Shok. If you use Shok on this area, it will cause the door to quickly open and close. Stand next to the door and use Shok, then walk through the door.

How to Solve the Candle Puzzle

In the next room, you’ll find a large open pool of water and a candle on a pedestal. Do not try to swim into the water—there are deadly lasers that will instantly kill you. Grab the candle and put it in the receptacle next to the door. Crouch and go underneath it. Straight ahead and to the left is the room with the Bronze Comrade Lootyakin—you’ll find the KS-23 – Collimator Upgrade inside.

Silver Challenge: How to Complete the Second Puzzle

The second puzzle involves navigating a maze in complete darkness. To light up the path ahead of you, you’ll need to use telekinesis to move floating candles towards a large Polymeric Shok. You’ll need to light up all three of the poles; once you do, a platform will rise up to take you to the Chest with the Silver Lootyagin Upgrade.

Gold Challenge: How to Complete the Third Puzzle

The gold challenge is the toughest of the lot—it involves surviving a wave of mutated enemies. You’ll need to eliminate all the regular mutants before you can take on the boss, a terrifying creature with multiple arms. Be sure to use every weapon in your arsenal to take it down and claim your prize, the Gold Lootyagin Upgrade.

Loot to Expect from Testing Ground 9

After all that hard work, you’re probably wondering what rewards you’ll get from completing Testing Ground 9. Here’s a rundown of the loot you can expect:

Bronze Lootyagin RewardSilver Lootyagin RewardGold Lootyagin Reward
KS-23: Collimator BlueprintDominator: Impulse Divider BlueprintKalash: Electromagnetic Polarizer Blueprint
Pashtet: Ergonomic Handle BlueprintNA-22: Teleportation Module BlueprintGopnik: Mechanized Stabilizer Blueprint
PPsh-41: Heat Shroud Blueprint

With these blueprints in your possession, you’ll be able to craft some powerful weapons and upgrades!


Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 is a challenging and rewarding experience that will put your combat skills and puzzle-solving abilities to the test. With this guide, you should be more than ready to take on the bunker and claim all the loot it has to offer. Good luck!


1. Is Testing Ground 9 required to complete Atomic Heart?

No, Testing Ground 9 is an optional area that you can explore for additional loot and rewards.

2. What’s the best weapon to use against mutant enemies?

It really depends on your playstyle, but we recommend using a combination of firearms and melee weapons to take down mutants quickly.

3. Can you replay Testing Ground 9 once you’ve completed it?

Yes, you can replay Testing Ground 9 as many times as you like, even after completing all the challenges.

4. Are there any secrets or easter eggs in Testing Ground 9?

We won’t spoil anything, but keep your eyes peeled for hidden areas and references to other games and media!

5. What’s the recommended level to tackle Testing Ground 9?

You should be at least level 20 before attempting Testing Ground 9, as the enemies and challenges will be too difficult for lower-level players.


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